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Writing Tips: Jumping Into Blogging With Ease

In Writing Tips on January 2, 2008 at 2:00 pm

Many freelance writers are turning to blogging as another outlet for their craft, and it’s becoming easier than ever to get started.  You don’t need a lot of technology skills or extensive editing experience to get going, and joining a blog network is the simplest way to build a blog and really understnad how blogging works.

Blogs have moved well beyond the traditional ‘journal’ of thoughts and musings.  Today, more and more businesses recognize the value of having a company blog in addition to their website, and many outsource this job to freelance writers to keep up with a posting schedule.

If you’re already writing for the web, you’ve got the skills and knowledge to jump right into blogging.

The major challenges when you’re first starting out include:

1.  Learning to adopt to ‘blogging speak.’  This means adapting your writing to cater to an audience looking for a casual, conversational style.  This can be a difficult transition for many freelance writers, especially those who have more experience in print journalism and professional writing.  Still, it can be done!  Just learn about the goals of the organization, read up on your target audience, and choose a style/tone that will resonate with readers.

2.  Working with blog managers and editors.  Most blog managers will create an editorial schedule for different types of posts, so you need to manage your time accordingly to keep up with the cycle.  You might not be the only blogger for a particular blog, and may find yourself collaborating with other bloggers on topics and ideas as you move ahead.

3.  Promoting your blog.  Some blog networks require you to promote and market your blog as part of your agreement, and if you’re new to the blogosphere, this process can be intimidating.  The best way to get ahead is to simply arm yourself with the tools and knowledge available on the web.  Sites such as ProBlogger and are chock full of hints and tips for bloggers of all backgrounds and levels of experience.  Do some homework, take notes, and jump right in to start building traffic and readership.

4. Finding a lucrative topic if you’re going solo.  If you’re launching a blog yourself, you may be overwhelmed with the choices for the ‘best’ topic or niche. The only way you’ll learn is to get started; as long as you’re not investing hundreds of dollars to launch your blog (WordPress and Blogger are both free), you can easily change up your idea or topic if you find it’s unprofitable after the first few months.

5.  Getting organized.  Blog posts are different than article-writing because they’re generally shorter, more succinct, and need to be published on a regular basis.  Unless you’re an AC renegade that’s used to this type of publishing schedule, it will take some time to get into the blogging habit.  Staying organized is the easiest way to stay on track, and a simple calendar blocked out with the posts you want to publish is great way to get started.

Ready to jump into blogging?

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