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Nominations Now Open for 2009 People’s Media Awards

In AC News on December 2, 2009 at 7:26 pm

AC has opened up nominations for the 2009 People’s Media Awards, an opportunity to recognize the most talented and prolific writers and active community members among us.

AC is doing things a little differently this year, giving Contributors a chance to nominate their favorite Contributors and pieces of content directly through the Profile page. New additions include the Community Spirit Award ($1500 prize) and the Rookie of the Year Award ($500 prize).

Here’s the scoop on the awards and categories:

“Any piece of content can be nominated for one of five Content of the Year awards. The author of each winning piece will receive $500. Please help us by finding and nominating the most insightful, inspiring, unique, useful, powerful and poignant pieces of content published on Associated Content in 2009. Winners can be in any format (text, audio, video, slideshows) and come from any category of the AC library.

Contributors can be nominated for one of the following awards:

Contributor of the Year: A prolific and gifted Contributor who reached a large audience in 2009, and built up an outstanding library of useful content that will continue to perform over time. Prize: $1500

Community Spirit Award: Someone who creates lots of valuable content, and gives back to the AC Community by guiding others along the path to success. This is the first year we’re offering this award! Prize: $1500

News Contributor of the Year: A prolific and plugged-in Contributor who supplied AC readers with a year’s worth of professional and topical news content. Prize: $500

Audio / Video Contributor of the Year: A Contributor who published striking, original audio and/or video content in 2009. Prize: $500

Rookie of the Year: A Contributor who joined AC between August 2008 and August 2009, and quickly discovered the path to success. This is the first year we’re offering this award! Prize: $500″

Cast your votes now by logging in to your Profile page!


AC Announces February Content Drive Sweepstakes

In AC News on February 25, 2009 at 12:21 am

Need some extra cash before tax season?  You could be the winner of the AC February Content Drive Sweepstakes, a contest that’s offering a $500 grand prize.

AC is encouraging all Content Producers to submit content under the ‘Display Only’ license from now, through February 28.  A winner will be selected from a drawing; each article you submit is considered one (1) entry, so your assignment (if you wish to accept it) is to submit as many articles as possible over the next four days.

Read the official rules here, then fire up your writing notebook/laptop/computer of choice to drum up a blitz of articles for the first ever content drive.

Good luck everyone!