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AC Nuggets: Online Promotion 411

In AC Nuggets, Writing for AC on December 27, 2007 at 7:59 pm

Promoting your content online is one of the best ways to make each and every article that much more profitable. You write, you publish, and then your work starts to earn residual income all by itself.

For some people, promoting online is a cinch; they’re connected to a myriad of social networks, are MySpace gurus, and can quickly rake up those pageview numbers after just a few clicks. For others, the whole process can be overwhelming and might seem as though it’s not worth the trouble.

It is.

No matter what type of offer you received from the AC editor du jour, you can bump up your revenue by generating as many pageviews as possible, and even though it will take some time, the extra hour or so each week can really pay off.

When you’re looking for ways to increase page views, build up subscribers, or just make a few friends with your must-read content, here are some tips for online promotion:
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