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Who in the World is Ryan Christopher DeVault?

In Interviews on January 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm

He’s a stay-at-home Dad who enjoys spending time with his family, tuning in to the latest sports news and keeping up with the latest TV shows. He’s turned his hobbies and interests into a career, and Ryan Christopher DeVault continues to be among the top Sports and Arts & Entertainment Contributors on Associated Content by Yahoo!

He’s a full-time freelance writer and happy to have the luxury of working his own schedule. When he’s not busy writing and taking care of the fam, you can find him hiking or spending time exploring new cities. I caught up with this talented writer to find out what his writing goals are, and who has inspired him to continue building his flourishing writing career on AC by Yahoo!…

SK: How did you get started writing for AC?
RD: Originally I started out as just someone posting articles sporadically, and that lasted for more than a year.  When the 2008 Summer Olympics started though, I became extremely active, and really got into the flow of participating on the site.

SK: What inspired you to join?
RD: One of my friends was talking about how fun it was to write on Associated Content, so one day I finally decided to give it a try.  His name is Alex Diaz-Granados.

SK: Your favorite content category to browse at work is:
RD: Definitely Arts & Entertainment.  There is always so much going on in the television and film industry that you can miss a lot by taking a day off.  There are so many great contributors on Associated Content that provide quite a bit of news about what is going on in entertainment.

SK: What are your goals on Associated Content by Yahoo!? Read the rest of this entry »


Who in the World is Jolie du Pre?

In Interviews on December 2, 2010 at 8:09 pm

She holds the enviable position of full-time freelance writer and is also a published author with short stories in over 15 books. Jolie du Pre has taken the Arts & Entertainment category on Associated Content by Yahoo! by storm with the latest dish on celebrity gossip, “Dancing with the Stars” TV summaries and updates on music awards. But her writing talent isn’t limited to Hollywood’s latest and greatest. You might already have stumbled across her work on Yahoo OMG!, Asylum, Good Meals, Parent Dish, Noise Creep, Spinner, Made Man, eHow and other online publications. Jolie is also the editor of three anthologies and has a new flash fiction site called Leodegraunce .

I caught up with this Chicago-based writer, married mother of two and “The Office” fan to learn more about her AC writing career…

SK: How did you get started with writing for AC?

JP: I’d read on the Internet that AC was a place where you could make money with your writing. I was skeptical at first, and I asked a lot of questions when I joined. I was used to scams, and I thought AC was just another scam. The first amount of money I made was less than $5, but it was enough for me to see that AC was not a scam. Needless to say, today that $5 is but a distant memory.

SK: What inspired you to join?

JP: The positive testimonies about Associated Content that I had read on the Web inspired me to join. I also noticed that Associated Content articles ranked high on Google. That intrigued me.

SK: Your favorite content category to browse at work is:

JP: I work at home and when I browse, I tend to browse the types of articles I write. That would be anything Arts & Entertainment.

SK: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or do you publish exclusively on AC/Yahoo!? Read the rest of this entry »