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AC’s Haiti Relief Content Drive Extended

In AC News on January 25, 2010 at 2:32 am

Hundreds of Contributors have already submitted content about Haiti relief efforts after the devastation in Haiti these past few weeks, and Associated Content is picking up its donation strategy by extending the Haiti Relief Content Drive call for submissions to January 26, 2010.

You still have a few days to pick up this assignment, and AC will still send $5 + a Performance Payment match to the International Rescue Committee.

More information about AC’s donations through IRC can be found on the AC Blog.

Need some inspiration? Check out the work of these AC Contributors to get started.


Weekly Roundup: Healthy Starts for 2010

In Weekly Roundup on January 7, 2010 at 6:13 pm

Happy New Year to all AC’ers and readers! Many Contributors have been publishing some great health and fitness content that may just help you get 2010 off to a healthy start. Here are just a few great pieces to help you keep those New Year’s resolutions this year…

How to Hire the RIGHT Personal Trainer by Dr. A. B.

How to Diet with a Busy Schedule by j c

Tips to Fit Stretching into Your Workout by John Greaves

How to Save Money on Gym Memberships in the New Year by Stephanie Bell

SparkPeople 2010 Boot Camp: Lose Weight and Get in Shape by E Harmon

How You Can Gain Muscle Every Week by Jack Bishop

How to Keep Your New Years Resolution by Amanda Talbott

Healthy Weight Loss for Your Spirit by Melanie Walker

Motivational Tools for Losing Weight by Susan Vanden Berg

Meet AC Rockstar Rose Elizabeth Kitchen

In Interviews, Writing for AC on December 27, 2009 at 1:36 am

Illustrator, musician and rockstar AC writer Rose Elizabeth Kitchen has been publishing away since December 2007 and has almost reached the 600-article mark. She’s a Featured Health & Wellness Contributor and has a background in healthcare as a freelance medical writer. She’s also an editor and writes on a variety of subjects including nursing, criminal justice, alternative medicine and dieting.

I caught up with this talented writer to find out what’s in store for her AC career and where else we can find her online…

SK: How long did it take you to become an AC addict?

RK: Just a few days.  Once I got my first upfront payment I was hooked.  It felt great to find a place that would pay pay me to produce great articles on the subjects that interest me the most.

SK: Why have you stuck with AC for so long?

RK: Because I believe in AC.  Sure the glitches are aggravating, but I truly believe AC has our (the Contributors) best interest in mind.  AC allowed me to learn web-writing while making an income.  By writing for AC I also picked up several private clients that contacted me because of my articles on AC.  The community also plays a major role.  The people I have met at AC are some of the most amazing people and they have greatly enriched my life.

SK: Out of all of the topics you write about, how do you decide which ones to develop or focus on in any given month?

RK: When a holiday is approaching I dedicate time to writing articles about that holiday because it always pays off.  When a holiday is not approaching I work on my niche which is health and wellness.  Health and wellness always pays off and it gives me the chance to still work in medicine without actually working in a hospital or clinic.  I like being able to further my medical knowledge and the knowledge of others by writing health and wellness articles.  I also keep track of medical news and awareness months and focus a few articles around those.

SK: If you could start your AC writing career over again, what is the one thing you would do differently?

RK: I would have taken the time to learn more about web-writing and SEO first.  I encourage all new writers to take advantage of the AC forums prior to submitting their first article.  If I could redo my first several articles I would.  Though they were written well, they really had no SEO and, for the majority of them, it shows in the page views.

SK: Do you use any social media tools to promote your content? If so, which ones? Read the rest of this entry »

Meet AC Rockstar Kassidy Emerson

In Interviews on December 6, 2009 at 12:52 am

As she makes her way to the 10 million – yes 10 million – page view mark, Kassidy Emerson has attracted a steady following with thousands of articles about gardening, DIY and home improvement, family and lifestyle topics. She’s an AC rockstar who’s been with AC since February 2005 and has worked as a professional freelance writer for over a decade.

With over 5,000 articles published on the web, you’ve probably run into a few when searching for how-to articles and product reviews. Here’s what Kassidy has to say about promoting her content and her plans with AC for 2010 and beyond:

SK: How long did it take you to become an AC addict?

KE: I started when the site was rather new. AC was craving content and  I was searching for a decent site to write for. When we found each other, it took time for me to trust AC because so many similar sites had gone belly up. Once I determined they were here to stay, we clicked, and I’ve been an AC addict ever since.

SK: Why have you stuck with AC for so long?

KE: I’ve written for similar web sites over the years. I can honestly say that I’ve never written for such a top-notch site before. AC values their writers. They reward good work and performance.

SK: Out of all of the topics you write about, how do you decide which ones to develop or focus on in any given month?

KE: I think ahead to upcoming holidays and special events. I also think about articles that match the month. Examples: Sept.-canning produce, Oct.- raking leaves, etc. I then brainstorm possible article topics. The ones I feel inspired about, I write.

SK: If you could start your AC writing career over again, what is the one thing you would do differently?

KE: I would have gotten serious about writing for AC earlier. (see #1)

SK: Do you use any social media tools to promote your content? If so, which ones?

KE: Mainly Digg and LinkedIn.

SK: Are you on Twitter? Tell us where! Read the rest of this entry »

Meet the AC New York Staff!

In News on October 30, 2009 at 1:28 pm

So here they are (drum roll, please), the team that heads up Associated Content in New York City, plus a few infobytes about some of their roles and history with AC.


AC NYC 2009 017

Left to Right: Heather Sangria, Brenna Boyce , Jenny Depper, Darnell Witt (Community Team), Me!, Mike Cohen (CFO), Craig Abruzzo (General Counsel), Jon S. (Director of  Product), Robin Wilson, Andrew Snyder, Melissa Metzger, Emily Genende and Adrienne McCallister (Revenue & Ad Sales Team)

*click below for more!*

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Weekly Roundup – Halloween Costume Showdown

In Weekly Roundup on October 11, 2009 at 10:35 pm

If you’re getting busy planning Halloween events this season, don’t miss AC’s official Halloween 2009 guide here. Contributors have also created some great content about Halloween costume trends and make-at-home costume ideas. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest and greatest picks:

5 Unique Halloween Costumes for Kids and Teens 2009 by Lori Lane

Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes for 2009 by Teresa Wilson

Time Saving Creative Halloween Costumes for Trick-Or-Treating by Tara Melancon

Best Halloween Costumes for Adults 2009 by R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids by Jolynne M. Hudnell

Quick Halloween Costumes for People Who Forgot Their Halloween Costume by Anne Wright

Hottest and Newest Halloween Costumes for Kids 2009 by Angel Vee

Five Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids by Meg C.

Best of AC: Sexy Halloween Costumes by Eoin O’Neill

Have some Halloween costume content to share? Leave the link in the comments below!

Who in the World is Dr. David Leader?

In Interviews on September 17, 2009 at 11:40 am

drleaderAfter practicing dentistry full time in Malden, Massachusetts for over twenty years, Dr. David Leader was able to land a teaching position at the prestigious Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston.

Now, Dr Leader will begin studying in September, for a Master’s degree with a concentration in Health Communications at Tufts University Medical School’s Department of Public Health.  He says that in the month he receives his degree, his son, AC Contributor Andrew Leader, will graduate from The Cooper Union in New York City, and his daughter, Allison, will graduate from Essex Agricultural and Technical High School in Danvers, Ma.  This busy dad, dentist, guitar player and politics enthusiast made some time to share some thoughts with on The AC Weekly:

SK: How did you get started with writing for AC?
DL: I explored Associated Content after seeing an ad for writers on Craigslist in May 2005.  I write a column for The Malden Observer, a town weekly owned by the Boston Herald.  My editor pointed out that I own the copy rights on my articles.  He recommended that I use them in some gainful way.  Associated Content seemed like a great platform.

I submitted all of my articles to AC by June.  It became a habit.  I began submitting every article I wrote to AC when appropriate.

SK: What inspired you to join?
DL: I joined Associated Content when I examined the site and found that there were some authors who wrote at a high level.  I wished to be part of that group.

SK: Your favorite content category to browse at work is:
DL: I enjoy reviews of motorbikes including motorcycles and scooters, motorcycle accessories, recommended routes, and motorcycle and scooter clubs.  Of course, I read a great deal about health and wellness.

SK: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or do you publish exclusively on AC?

DL: I write for the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society, The Scleroderma Foundation, and The Malden Observer.  I have written for many other web sites and publications.  Interestingly, I have gotten some writing and consulting business from people and companies who read my articles on Associated Content.

SK: Your most popular/most commented/newsworthy article? Read the rest of this entry »

Who in the World is Melissa Raineri?

In Interviews on June 23, 2009 at 9:00 am

acShe’s a full-time mother in California who enjoys writing about parenting, fashion, books and health topics on Associated Content. Melissa Raineri has been publishing content on AC since November 2008, and admits that she’s been ‘hooked’ since day one.

When she’s not playing with her toddler, she’s reading up on the latest fashion, wedding and style trends for her future articles. I caught up with this busy mom to find out who in the world Melissa Raineri really is:

SK: How did you get started with writing for AC?
MR: As a stay-at-home mom, I have a lot of free time in my hands so I decided to take advantage of this by doing something productive. I discovered AC thanks to Google and since I love writing and I love earning money, I signed up right away. That was November 2008 and I’ve been hooked since.

SK: What inspired you to join?
MR: Writing has always been my outlet. I always feel a sense of accomplishment every time I’ve put my thoughts into words and organized it into an article. So, doing that regularly serves as some kind of therapy for me. Plus, the money incentive has a little something to do with it.

SK: Your favorite content category to browse at work is:
MR: I don’t work right now so I’m free to browse through entertainment anytime. I always want to be in the know when it comes to the latest celebrity news. I know, it sounds a bit shallow but we’ve all been there.

SK: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or only on AC?
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Who in the World is Patrick Keane?

In AC News, Interviews on May 21, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Patrick_KeaneIf you’ve been keeping up with AC’s transitions lately, you already know there’s a new leader in town. Patrick Keane was named Chief Executive Officer of Associated Content in March 2009, and we’re already seeing big changes from AC offices in New York City and Denver.

Before making it over to AC territory, our new CEO worked with the team at CBS Interactive and Google, Inc. He was also the founder and programmer of Google’s Zeitgeist.

What can Associated Content’s Sources expect in the near future? I caught up with Patrick Keane to find out what his vision for AC is, how contributors can be successful with AC, and most importantly, what types of articles he’s reading when he’s not in a board meeting, traveling, and keeping AC in order:

SK: What inspired or prompted you to join the team at AC?
PK: I was initially impressed by Luke Beatty’s founding vision for Associated Content: enabling anyone to publish and be compensated for creating useful content on the Web. The final decision was motivated by the potential I recognized in AC’s talented team, excellent board of directors, impassioned community of contributors and unprecedented market opportunity.

SK: Where are you from?
PK: Wynnewood, PA – a small town a few miles west of Philadelphia.

SK: Your favorite form of caffeine?
PK: ITO EN Earl Grey Tea

SK: Your favorite motivational/inspirational quote?
PK: “Innovation can come from anywhere.”

SK: Your top three favorite categories to browse on AC are:
-Food & Wine
-Local (New York City and all the places I travel)

SK: What do you feel are AC’s core values? (via Pam Gaulin) Read the rest of this entry »

Who in the World is Jennifer Wagner?

In Interviews on May 9, 2009 at 7:31 pm


She’s a down-to-earth Mom with two sons, and says she’s drawn to people who don’t take life too seriously.  Jennifer Wagner is a prolific AC Source who’s been busy writing about parenting, baking, cooking and books, and uses Associated Content primarily as a creative outlet. I caught up with this Mom on the go, to find out what inspired her to join AC, and to glean some insights about writing:

SK: How did you get started with writing for AC?

JW: I’ve always enjoyed writing, but was afraid to show others my work. One day I was reading my local newspaper and read an article about a woman in my town that wrote for a website called, Associated Content. I investigated, saw it was something I could do well, and decided to jump in with both feet. It’s been a great experience.

SK:  What inspired you to join?
JW:When I was looking over the AC website, I was impressed by how many ordinary people have had their work published. I was looking for a way to earn a little extra money and AC provided a fun way to do it.

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