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Farewell and Good Luck!

In AC News, News on February 6, 2011 at 10:40 pm

All good things must come to an end…

This is my final post for The AC Weekly. I want to thank you for reading, participating, and keeping up with the latest news about Associated Content over the years!

As most of you know, I’ve been writing for Associated Content by Yahoo! since 2006 and started this blog about three years ago. I launched this blog because at that time, AC writers didn’t have many places to network and get to know each other. This was before AC was on Twitter, had a Facebook presence, and before the Official Associated Content Blog was created.

My goal was to create a community of writers, provide the latest news about AC, and interview outstanding Contributors and staff members.

My mission has been accomplished 🙂

The AC/Yahoo! Community has evolved so much since 2007, and we now have a dedicated blog on the Yahoo! Contributor Network that will feature Contributors, offer writing tips and inform of us of the latest happenings on the YCN grid.

Thank you again for your loyalty and continued support. It’s been wonderful getting to know you all!

I am still an active Contributor on AC/Yahoo! and you can follow my writing-related (and other) updates on Twitter: @sabahk.

I will be leaving this blog up for anyone interested in reading the archives, and for looking back at the amazing changes at Associated Content over the past few years.

In the words of Garrison Keillor, “be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

~ Sabah


Who in the World is Ryan Christopher DeVault?

In Interviews on January 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm

He’s a stay-at-home Dad who enjoys spending time with his family, tuning in to the latest sports news and keeping up with the latest TV shows. He’s turned his hobbies and interests into a career, and Ryan Christopher DeVault continues to be among the top Sports and Arts & Entertainment Contributors on Associated Content by Yahoo!

He’s a full-time freelance writer and happy to have the luxury of working his own schedule. When he’s not busy writing and taking care of the fam, you can find him hiking or spending time exploring new cities. I caught up with this talented writer to find out what his writing goals are, and who has inspired him to continue building his flourishing writing career on AC by Yahoo!…

SK: How did you get started writing for AC?
RD: Originally I started out as just someone posting articles sporadically, and that lasted for more than a year.  When the 2008 Summer Olympics started though, I became extremely active, and really got into the flow of participating on the site.

SK: What inspired you to join?
RD: One of my friends was talking about how fun it was to write on Associated Content, so one day I finally decided to give it a try.  His name is Alex Diaz-Granados.

SK: Your favorite content category to browse at work is:
RD: Definitely Arts & Entertainment.  There is always so much going on in the television and film industry that you can miss a lot by taking a day off.  There are so many great contributors on Associated Content that provide quite a bit of news about what is going on in entertainment.

SK: What are your goals on Associated Content by Yahoo!? Read the rest of this entry »

Exclusive Interview: YCN Year in Review with Sr. Community Manager Darnell Witt

In Interviews on December 20, 2010 at 3:40 pm

It’s been a year of BIG changes for Associated Content Contributors and the migration to the Yahoo! Contributor Network platform is finally complete. Many writers are already finding their work on some of Yahoo!’s most popular media channels, including OMG!, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Shine and Yahoo! News and the transition has been a smooth one.

I caught up with Senior Community Manager Darnell Witt (formerly known as AC Darnell) for a recap of some of the highlights and improvements from this past year. And there’s even more to come! A brand new Contributor training program and a revamped referral system are a few new projects on the horizon.

Take it away, DW…

SK: What changes have you been most excited about with the AC/Yahoo! transition?

DW: To my mind, the expanded beta of our Performance Payments program, extending it across the Yahoo! network, is the single most exciting aspect of our new platform. Associated Content pioneered this performance-based compensation model, and now we’re rolling it out to some of the most popular sites on the Web!

SK: The Yahoo! partnership was announced over the summer of 2010. Did you anticipate the site migration this early?

DW: Immediately following the acquisition, our game plan was “business as usual.” We wanted everyone to know that Yahoo! didn’t just buy AC for the technology, but was also committed to carrying the torch of “The People’s Media Company” and continuing to provide contributors with as many opportunities as possible. At that point, the timeline for our full integration into the Yahoo! network was still “TBD.”

Over the summer, Luke (AC Founder and current Yahoo! VP) set the ambitious goal of launching a new, integrated publishing platform by the end of the 2010.  It sounded crazy at the time, because the process would require us to rethink and rebuild our publishing and page view tracking systems, not to mention redesign each page on our site, and develop an entirely new brand. But the whole team rallied around the plan, and put in lots of extra hours to make Luke’s crazy dream into an awesome reality.

SK: What are some significant changes Contributors can look forward to in 2011?

DW: We will be introducing Performance Payments on additional Yahoo! sites. We’re also working on new badges, a new blog, a revamped referral program, contributor training materials, and various interface enhancements. Of course, we’ll also be ramping up the publishing volume to Yahoo! sites as time goes on, so that means continually increasing opportunities to be published on the sites aligned with your interests and expertise.

SK: Are there any big plans or changes in store for the original AC Community? Read the rest of this entry »

Thanksgiving Wishes!

In AC News on November 24, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Happy Thanksgiving to fellow AC/Yahoo! Contributors, Associated Content and Yahoo! Contributor Network Staff, and loyal fans!

Thanks for another great year and your continued support 🙂

Have a safe and happy holiday week!


Media Coverage of the Yahoo! Contributor Network Launch

In AC News, News on November 20, 2010 at 10:28 pm


The BIG news for AC Contributors (now “Yahoo! Contributors”) this past week was the official transition to Yahoo! territory.

All AC content is now housed on the Yahoo! Contributor Network and many Contributors can see which pieces have been published on Yahoo! channels including Shine, OMG!, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance.

Exciting stuff 🙂

The official announcement about the Associated Content and Yahoo! partnership took place early this summer, and Associated Content has undergone several changes since then.  The announcement for the launch of the Yahoo! Contributor Network took place on Monday, November 15 and has been covered by several major media and news outlets.

I was interviewed for this piece by USA Today, and several other publishers have also covered the story. Here’s a roundup in case you missed them:

Official Yahoo! Press Release: Yahoo! Adds the Voice of the People with the Launch of the Yahoo! Contributor Network

The New York Times: Yahoo Seeks News from Its Users

MediaPost Raw: Yahoo Contributor Network Debuts Yahoo! launches its Contributor Network: an ‘evolution’ of Associated Content

Digital Journal: Yahoo launches network featuring exclusive content

Website Magazine +  podcast: Yahoo’s Contributor Network, Exploring the Freelance Marketplace Associated Content Rebrands as ‘Yahoo Contributor Network’ Yahoo Contributor Network Wants User-Generated Content

Yahoo! News Weekend Edition: Yahoo! to open sites to outside contributors

Read more about the Yahoo! Contributor Network on the official Associated Content blog!


AC Unveils New Contributor Profiles

In AC News, News on August 17, 2010 at 5:02 pm

Associated Content from Yahoo! has unveiled a sneak peek of our new Contributor profiles.

The profiles will be rolling out very soon (specific date TBD), and now include a number of customizable features, including a Featured Content widget where you can choose which pieces of content to showcase at any given time, and a category filter where you can share content by category.

Big thanks to the AC team for redesigning and launching the new look!

More info about the launch can be found on the Associated Content blog.

In other news… Read the rest of this entry »

Exclusive Interview with Yahoo! Managing Editor Chris Barr

In AC News on July 23, 2010 at 3:34 pm

The “Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing and Creating Content for the Digital World” hit bookstores on July 6, 2010 and is one of the most comprehensive writing resources for Web content specialists, bloggers, UI designers and anyone working in the digital content field.

If you’re an Associated Content Contributor, pick up a copy of this book (or snag one from AC’s giveaway — more details at the end of this post) so that you can find out exactly what type of content Yahoo! is looking for, how to fine-tune your writing for the Web, and how to deliver compelling, quality content consistently — Yahoo! style!

I caught up with Chris Barr, one of Yahoo!’s managing editors, to learn more about the guide, and also picked up a few writing tips straight from the source.

Feel free to leave questions and comments at the end of this post, and bookmark the official Yahoo! Style Guide website so that you have full access to the free tips and posts from Yahoo! editors.

About the Yahoo! Style Guide

Chris Barr explains that the Yahoo! Style Guide,  “started out as an internal reference on how to write “Yahoo!” and was used by Yahoo! Web content developers to attract and build audiences. Little by little the guide grew as Yahoo! ventured into new areas, and was asked for by writers, marketers, editors, programmers, community managers, and product managers. Today it provides guidance for all writers in the company network, whether they’re bloggers, video producers, reporters, newsletter copywriters, or documentation specialists. We’re happy to share these best practices with the world because everybody benefits when content is concise and easy to read.”

Exclusive Interview with Chris Barr

SK: How many people contributed to the Yahoo! Style Guide?

CB: A core group of 12 put together “The Yahoo! Style Guide,” but it was influenced by many past and present Yahoo! writers, editors, and content creators. We name more than 40 people in the acknowledgements and I’m sure we missed a number of valuable contributors.

SK: Tell us a little bit about yourself! How long have you been with Yahoo! and what are your primary roles and responsibilities. What inspired you to create the book?

CB: I’m a long-time online editor, beginning at PC Magazine in the 1980s — a time when “online” was not the Internet, and I became the founding editor-in-chief of CNET in 1995.

I joined Yahoo! in 2007 and serve as senior editorial director. My team:

  • Sets the global editorial standards for Yahoo! style and voice, all aspects of user interaction text, blogging guidelines, policy (advertorial, appropriateness), and similar documentation
  • Teaches Yahoos worldwide how to be better writers and editors, whether they’re blogging, programming front doors, creating new products, or writing for marketing or public relations
  • Upholds the standards through editing or writing copy for new properties and features as well as visible network and corporate content, such as front page packages, blogs (News, entertainment), marketing copy, press releases, etc.

The guide is based on the “Yahoo! Editorial Style Guide” that was in use when I arrived. It was so good that I thought with a little rework we could make it available to writers outside Yahoo!. Little did I know that it would take two years to complete!

SK: How does Associated Content factor into Yahoo!’s overall editorial strategy?
Read the rest of this entry »

Roundup of Welcome Letters from Yahoo! Editors

In AC News on June 28, 2010 at 6:28 pm

Last month’s BIG news was the announcement of the Associated Content and Yahoo! partnership, and since then we’ve heard from several Yahoo!  editors about what Contributors can expect from the transition, and how the partnership will affect the site.

If you missed them, below is a roundup of the latest posts from some of the editors at Yahoo!

Introduce yourself, leave a comment and subscribe to the editor’s articles to keep up with the latest updates…

Welcome Letter from Dory Devlin, Editor at Yahoo! Shine, the #4 women’s lifestyle site on the web. Dory Devlin has been part of the Yahoo! team since 2006 and was part of the launch of Yahoo! Shine in 2008. She is a former newspaper reporter, columnist writer and freelance magazine writer.

Welcome Letter from Dave DiMartino, Executive Editor of Yahoo! Music (Y! Music). Dave DiMartino has served as the editor of CREEM, the West Coast Bureau Chief of Billboard magazine, and as a senior writer at Entertainment Weekly. He was also the executive editor of LAUNCH, an Internet music site and CD-ROM magazine that was purchased by Yahoo! in 2001.

Welcome Letter from Matthew Idema, Vice President of Yahoo! Local and an invitation to share your ideas on improvements to the AC platform and publishing opportunities. Matthew Idema is responsible for managing Yahoo! Local’s strategy and operating plan, and works on both Yahoo! America and Yahoo! Canada properties.

AC Nuggets: Making the Most of Yahoo! Answers to Promote Your Content

In AC Nuggets on January 16, 2008 at 7:00 am

Looking for even more ways to boost those pageviews?  Answering questions in forums is one option, but an entire community awaits on Yahoo! Answers.  It’s grown to become one of the web’s biggest Q&A portals, and though it’s intimidating at first, it doesn’t take long to establish a presence in this community.

As you’re busy pumping out those links to the masses in an effort to boost your page views, it’s good to know that there’s another place to publish your links – and not in a spam effort.

Yahoo! Answers is a growing online portal that has taken social networking to a whole new level. In this public Q&A ‘forum,’ any participant can pitch a question and get an answer within a short period of time from the community.

Read more on How to Use Yahoo! Answers to Promote Your AC Content 

-courtesy of yours truly 🙂