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Who in the World is Rodney Southern?

In Interviews on March 8, 2009 at 2:00 pm

cowboyYou might remember this CP in the spotlight in early 2008 with his winning entry for the ‘Ultimate Call for Content’ contest. Rodney Southern has been a part of the AC world since July ’07 and is among the Top 1000 Content Producers for 2008.  He’s been writing about movies, parenting, medical news and drumming up a slew of how-to articles over the years.

Besides being a prolific CP, Rodney is a full-time Dad, husband and freelance writer. I caught up with this busy cowboy to find out who in the world Rodney Southern really is:

SK: How did you get started with writing for AC?
RS: Originally, I was just surfing around the good old web, and came across an article by Pam Gaulin.  It was very well done, and I reached out to her.  Soon thereafter, I signed up and began my AC journey.

SK: Your favorite content category to browse at work:
RS: Well, I am a full time freelancer so I work from the house.  My biological dad was not around very much when I was a kid, and I always promised myself that I would not make those mistakes with my kids.  I got lucky, and was able to keep that promise through writing.  That said, I am constantly looking through the Entertainment, Religion, and Sports categories.  Also, any articles about animals or reptiles.  Love snakes and spiders!

SK: Do you write for other online sites or publications or only on AC?
RS: I currently have a ton of outside clients, and also work for Demand Studios, Ehow, Helium (some), Hubpages, and three blogs.  Most of my work now is through direct clients though as the money is much better.

SK: Your most popular/most commented/newsworthy article? Read the rest of this entry »


Weekly Roundup – It’s Officially Okay to Wear White!

In Weekly Roundup on May 27, 2008 at 8:00 am

Now that Memorial Day revelries have subsided, it’s officially acceptable to parade around in your favorite white outfit for the season.

Whether you’re at work or just hanging out, here are some fashion tips for summer from fellow CPs:

Start with the basics with Fashion Don’ts for Spring and Summer: The Errors to Avoid for the 2008 Fashion Seasons courtesy of the chronicler.

A new addition to the family probably has your hands full, but you can pick up some shopping tips with Summer Fashion Tips for the New Mom, courtesy of Kendra Dahlstrom.

Guys can finally put together that summer wardrobe with a few tips from T.W. Payne; check out Men’s Summer Fashion for some great pointers on beachwear and more.

Embrace your social conscience with some Fair Trade picks; learn about Summer Fashion Without the Sweatshops, courtesy of Farzin Mojtabai & Jason Cangialosi.

Still looking for the perfect hat?  Take a look at Country Gentleman Hats – Elegant Summer Clothing for a tasteful selection of caps and brimmed hats ready for your summer closet.

Turn back the clock with a retro look and pick up some inspiration from days gone by.  Take a look at Vintage Pin-Up Summer Fashion, courtsey of Tanya.

Don’t forget the accessories!  erica williams provides us with the Top Six Bags and Backpacks for Summer Fun.

Weekly Roundup – Cashing in That Stimulus Check

In Weekly Roundup on May 5, 2008 at 6:00 am

The web is all abuzz with tips on using  that stimulus check on its way for most of us.  Have you made plans for a shopping spree?  Ready to pay off those high-interest credit cards?  Or are you just going to save it and rack up a few dollars of interest this year?

Here’s what CP’s think about this year’s gift from the IRS:

yapbuzz makes it easy to calculate when you’ll actually get your gift with Stimulus Checks Deposited Overnight.

If you’re a struggling content writer like Chadd De Las Casas, you’ll need to read this article on How the Economic Stimulus Plan Could Help Struggling Writers.

Modern Impressionist debates whether the stimulus package is really valuable with Stimulus Package Including Tax Rebate Checks – Too Little, Too Late?

Robbrian joins the critical crew with Stimulus Package – A Deception

If you want to get more bang from your buck, read Shawn Zapalac’s tips on How to Make Money Off the Tax Rebate.

Play it smart and avoid the temptation of the spending spree with decker’s tips:  Rebates Will Be Coming – A Few Tips to Spend Wisely.

Look on the brighter side of the tax rebate debate with JMichol’s article The Proposed Economic Stimulus Package Will Help My Family.

Weekly Roundup – Power Up Your Online Habits

In Weekly Roundup on April 25, 2008 at 7:00 am

When you’re logging in hours of online time for research, blogging or just killing a bout of boredom, don’t miss out on these great tips your fellow CPs have discovered:

Squeeze in some quality reading for the day with Eric Fleming’s tips on How to Download Free E-Books Off the Internet.

Thinking of launching a website?  Make sure you pick up the right web host with David Hamilton’s Tips and Tricks to Help You Choose the Best Web Host.

Valentine’s Day may be long gone, but Jasmine Starr shows us Where to Find Love Notes on MySpace and How to Use Them.

Do you really know how to Google?   Learn How to Fully Utilize Google’s Features from kataztropy.

When you’ve got some time to kill but don’t want to drop off the internet just yet, give your AC articles a boost.   Erich Rosenberger shows provides A Review and Introduction of StumbleUpon.

If you’ve been procrastinating Mother’s Day, don’t miss out on gadgets and gifts for your tech-savvy Mom.  Amy Cox lists some Mother’s Day Gifts for the Technologically Savvy.

Need more time in your day?  Learn about Practical Life Hacking – Technology and Pitfalls, courtesy of Digital Ink.

The Daily Find: How to Stop Interruptions When Working at Home

In The Daily Find on April 13, 2008 at 7:00 am

The Article:  How to Stop Interruptions When Working at Home

The Author: K. Ray

Why It’s Worth a Read:  If kids are screaming, pets are out of control and the neighbors keep popping over for a chat, it’s time to take control and establish some boundaries.  Read up on these strategies to make your home office as productive as possible.

The Daily Find: Steps You Should Take If Your Computer is Ever Stolen

In The Daily Find on April 12, 2008 at 8:00 am

The Article: Steps You Should Take If Your Computer is Ever Stolen

The Author: John Messina

Why It’s Worth a Read: After filing a police report and canceling your credit cards , there are a few more important steps to take if that laptop mysteriously disappears.

The Daily Find: 10 Ways to Celebrate Spring

In The Daily Find on April 11, 2008 at 7:00 am

The Article: 10 Ways to Celebrate Spring

The Author: Stephanie Modkins

Why It’s Worth a Read:  Because you forgot to start that poetry club in the garden and need a few more ideas to celebrate the season.  These are some fun tips for anyone ready to enjoy the warmer days ahead.

The Daily Find: How to Think Correctly

In The Daily Find on April 10, 2008 at 7:00 am

The Article:  How to Think Correctly

The Author: Ralston Heath

Why It’s Worth a Read:  All this time, you could have been doing it all wrong…

The Daily Find: Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget

In The Daily Find on April 9, 2008 at 8:00 am

The Article: Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget

The Author: Eyer

Why It’s Worth a Read:  You need to get going on that Mother’s Day shopping roundup (May 11 should already be penciled into your calender ;).  Pick from these ideas to get started on that unique present for Mom.

The Daily Find: International Backpacking – Overcoming the Language Barrier

In The Daily Find on April 8, 2008 at 7:00 am

The Article:  International Backpacking – Overcoming the Language Barrier

The Author: Blair Mathis

Why It’s Worth a Read:  You’ve worked up the courage to head off on that eco-tourism  trip in  South America…but don’t speak a word of the native language.  Use this handy guide to get through those tough days like a pro.