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Weekly Roundup: Financial Fever Hits AC

In Weekly Roundup on February 4, 2009 at 9:00 am

With tax season right around the corner and the continuing struggles of the economy, the keywords this week are ‘stimulus package‘ and ‘2009 taxes.’  Here’s a roundup of interesting reads:

Stimulus Package:

Obama’s Stimulus Package by Betsy Ross

Is Congress ‘Greasing’ the Stimulus Package? by Gary Davis

The Ongoing Struggle for the Stimulus Package by CJ Mathis

Bipartisan Stimulus Package Seems Unlikely by Michael Thompson

2009 Taxes:

Tips for Organizing Your 2009 Freelance Writing Records by SkyeDanzer

Tax Tips for 2009 by Patricia Hill

How to Prepare Income Taxes on Your Own by Allen Teal

2009 Tax Bracket Information Guide by Rosa Hayes