Meet AC Rockstar Sherry Wight

In Interviews on March 4, 2010 at 2:15 am

She’s the lucky Contributor who published the two-millionth piece of content on AC this week, and also hit the Hot 100 list this month with her lineup of engaging and informative content about the 2010 Winter Olympics and entertainment. Sherry Wight is one of AC’s Featured Arts and Entertainment Contributors and has been publishing here for almost three years.

I caught up with this busy mom and self-confessed Dancing with the Stars junkie to find out what her writing goals are for 2010, who she’s reading, and how she’s making most of her experience writing with Associated Content:

SK: How long did it take you to become an AC addict?

SW: Good question!  Though I shy away from calling myself an addict per se, I started spending more and more time on AC after daily pageview stat updates were implemented.  I thrive on seeing how my content does on a day-to-day basis, so those updates are like chocolate: Addictive and delicious.

SK: Why have you stuck with AC for so long?

SW: I’m a busy, often harried mom to three children, ages 5, 3 and 1, so time is of the essence.  When I first stumbled across AC back in July of 2007, I was skeptical.  I submitted a single article to dip my toes in the water and see how it would go, and then slowly added a few more pieces until I got a good feel for how it worked.  (Of course, I was happy to see that I’d actually get paid as advertised as well.)  I’m still here because it does work, it’s easy, I’ve seen my readership and pageview numbers increase, and I really enjoy writing.

SK: Out of all of the topics you write about, how do you decide which ones to develop or focus on in any given month?

SW: I’m a Dancing with the Stars junkie, so my recaps and reviews are a given.  I write them as I watch the shows, and then publish almost immediately.  I keep an eye on Google Trends to see what’s hot, and will occasionally crank out an article based on a hot GT keyword, but my priority is writing about things that are genuinely of interest to me.

SK: If you could start your AC writing career over again, what is the one thing you would do differently?

SW: SEO, SEO, SEO!  I’m a former print publication writer, so it’s been challenging to flip the switch and adapt my style to suit the internet.  Although I still like my first few submissions, they haven’t gotten stellar views because I didn’t keyword them well at all.

SK: Do you use any social media tools to promote your content? If so, which ones?

SW: I use Twitter and Facebook, and have also been known to occasionally make use of StumbleUpon and Propeller.  I try hard to avoid over-promoting; it doesn’t work and pisses people off to boot.

SK: Are you on Twitter? Tell us where!

SW: Yes.  I’m @happypinkbunnie.  (And yes, I can spell.  In fact, I’m a spelling nazi.  My usual ID is happypinkbunnieS but it was one character too long for Twitter’s taste!)

SK: What’s your all-time favorite book? Favorite movie?

SW: I have a degree in Literature, so picking a favorite book is almost like asking me to choose a favorite child!  I’ll reluctantly say The Great Gatsby, as I first developed a love for the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic back in high school. However, I could easily replace it with one of a number of other titles.

Movies are a little tougher; I can rattle off my favorite TV shows (Gilmore Girls, DWTS), but I’m not a big movie buff.  I still don’t have a real favorite movie, but I do have a not-so-secret affinity for romantic comedies, a la Sweet Home Alabama and The Proposal.  I know there’s no such thing as happily ever after in the real world, but it’s so satisfying to see a pretend scenario play out so beautifully on-screen.

SK: Do you see yourself publishing with AC for the long-term? Why?

SW: I can see it happening, yes.  It’s easy, it’s quick, and I can choose my own subject matter and write whenever I’d like to write.  I appreciate the no-pressure option of writing and publishing offered by AC.

SK: Do you publish on your own blog?

SW: Sort of.  It generally involves only posts from AC, but occasionally I add other content:

SK: Your top three content categories to publish in are….:

SW: Arts and Entertainment, Shopping/Gift Guides, and Parenting issues.  Or humor.  I’ve been told that I can be wickedly funny.

SK: If there was one thing you could change about AC, what would it be?

SW: If AC could finally eradicate some of the repetitive glitches that plague the system, that would be awesome.  For example, issues with inconsistent pageview reporting and the dreaded ‘Content Not Available’ errors that pop up now and then. I don’t expect perfection, but I do appreciate consistency.

SK: What is your publishing goal for 2010?

SW: I’m working toward fine-tuning my writing (because there’s always room for improvement).  I also want to savor the writing process as I work toward 500K and 1M views; if it feels like work to write, it’s not something I want to do.

SK: Approximately how many hours per week do you spend writing and publishing AC articles?

SW: Oooh, tough one.  I’d guess I spend roughly 4 hours per week writing for AC.  But it really does vary; during the DWTS off-season, I’m not on AC as often.

SK: Who are the five Contributors you think we should all be keeping an eye on?

SW: Linda Louise Johnson.  She’s a witty person and it shows in her writing.

Kim Linton.  She writes probing, often controversial pieces, but does so in an inoffensive manner that has the power to generate lots of buzz and conversation.

Paula Carpenter.  I’m a Christian, so I really appreciate Paula’s devotionals.  They’re well-written and thought-provoking.

Jan Corn.  Good writing.  I’ve been following Jan for years now and she’s a consistent, solid producer.

R. Elizabeth Kitchen.  Good variety.

SK: Any final words of wisdom for AC Contributors at all Clout levels?

SW: Words of wisdom, words of wisdom… just keep working away and don’t give up until you reach your personal goals.  No goal is too small to celebrate.

  1. I’ve been following Sherry for awhile and was delighted to see an interview with her. I’m flattered and honored to be mentioned on her favorite contributors’ list. Super interview! It is fun to learn more about the writers on Associated Content.

  2. One of her (too rare)humor pieces hooked me on the eloquent Sherry, and I cannot believe she can do all she does in 4 hours per week. Her brain must move lightning fast! When my kids were the age of hers, I collapsed on the couch after their bedtime. She accomplishes stuff! I too am tickled and proud to be mentioned among Sherry’s favorite contributors. The interview itself is quintessential showing her quicky, quirky, (can’t think of any more qui words) mind. Not a boring line in it!

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