Meet AC Rockstar Matthew Lubin

In Interviews on February 20, 2010 at 3:18 am

As one of AC’s Featured Travel Contributors, Matthew Lubin has been busy writing about destinations in the Far East, medicine, film, movies and topics about English as a foreign language.

This talented writer, editor and academic writing professor has lived in Southern China and has published work in The Aroostock Review, Ink Collective and other publications.

I caught up with this AC Rockstar to find out how he found AC, and why he enjoys publishing here:

SK: How long did it take you to become an AC addict?

ML: I wouldn’t consider myself an AC addict as I don’t use it that frequently. When I first started using AC, I was working in China and figured it was a good way to make a few extra bucks for when I returned to the states. As I found other venues for my work, I used AC with less frequency, but always went back every now and again to see what was going on.

SK: Why have you stuck with AC for so long?

ML: AC has been a consistent purchaser of my work. While I’d prefer to sell my work for more money, at least I know I have this site to fall back on. It also helped build my confidence as a travel writer, which got me my first freelance gig with a tour book publisher.

SK: Out of all of the topics you write about, how do you decide which ones to develop or focus on in any given month?

ML: Most of my articles are about my travels because it’s what I enjoy writing about. I have never used AC’s suggested topics or calls for content. If I find a topic that interests me I’ll write about it.

SK: If you could start your AC writing career over again, what is the one thing you would do differently?

ML: I would’ve written a lot more articles back when I was getting offered more money consistently.

SK: Do you use any social media tools to promote your content? If so, which ones?

ML: I only post links to my articles  on my personal Web site and blog. I’d rather not spend that much time on social media when I could spend more time writing.

SK: Are you on Twitter? Tell us where!

ML: I’ve been on Twitter for quite some time. I’m @ChinaMatt.

SK: What’s your all-time favorite book? Favorite movie?

ML: I read a lot and I’ve seen a lot of movies. It’s difficult to choose just one of each–it all depends on my mood. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is one of my favorite books and movies.

SK: Do you see yourself publishing with AC for the long-term? Why?

ML: I’ve been spending a lot more time trying to find full-time employment, so I don’t think AC will be there for me in the long term. I may continue using it infrequently. Of course, there are things I’ve said I would and wouldn’t do in the past, and that didn’t quite happen, so who knows what I might do.

SK: Do you publish on your own blog? If so, please provide a link:

ML: I’ve been blogging for about four years now at It started as a site for me to write reviews and then changed to what it is today when I moved to China at the end of 2005. I also run the only online literary journal with Chinese characteristics at

SK: Your top three content categories to publish in are….:

ML: Travel, Food, and Books.

SK: If there was one thing you could change about AC, what would it be?

ML: Hire more editors to improve all the content on the site. They shouldn’t just proofread, they should also make qualitative changes to articles. This would improve the reputation of the site.

SK: What is your publishing goal for 2010?

ML: I’m working on a lot of things–I have a habit of starting new projects before others are finished. I’ve been working on some novels, short stories, and poetry. None of that will be published on AC, but I’ll certainly keep people updated as to when and where my work gets published.

SK: Approximately how many hours per week do you spend writing and publishing AC articles?

ML: Not many. Most of my articles are written quickly because they’re experiential articles.

SK: Who are the five Contributors you think we should all be keeping an eye on…

ML: I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by leaving anyone off the list.

SK: Any final words of wisdom for AC Contributors at all Clout levels?

ML: You can always improve your writing. Listen to constructive criticism when it’s offered. Read more works that aren’t online.


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