Meet AC Rockstar Tamara Waters

In Interviews on January 12, 2010 at 6:47 pm

If you’re a regular AC Forumite, you’ve probably already caught this AC Rockstar patrolling the boards with almost-daily updates. Tamara Waters is a Featured Home Improvment Contributor and Featured Arts and Entertainment Contribtor, and has published over 370 pieces of content to date.

She’s been with AC since 2006 and has become one of AC’s most prolific Contributors. I caught up with Ms. Waters to find out what she’s busy writing about these days, and why she’s stuck with AC for so long…

SK: How long did it take you to become an AC addict?

TW: I actually signed up and started publishing in January, 2006. I published a few articles then life interrupted and I stopped writing for awhile. In late 2007 I decided to start writing again and then started writing more regularly in April/May 2008. It was during the late spring/early summer of 2008 that I started getting serious about what writing on AC. By the time I received a Top 1000 badge in January 2009 I was hopelessly addicted.

SK: Why have you stuck with AC for so long?

TW: I like the fact that AC is quite versatile. I can write whatever I want and earn limitless money. I like having the opportunity to earn upfront payments on my articles. I’ve found some great friends thanks to AC and even though there are things that I get frustrated with about AC, it is still my favorite publishing platform.

SK: Out of all of the topics you write about, how do you decide which ones to develop or focus on in any given month?

TW: I really have no rhyme or reason – I do a combination of targeted calls, partner calls and general assignments (when there are any that strike my fancy) as well as DO articles that I simply enjoy writing. I always write home improvement articles in a given month – probably because I’m a Category Editor for the Home Improvement section.

SK: If you could start your AC writing career over again, what is the one thing you would do differently?

TW: I would learn more about writing for the web at the beginning. I had no clue when I first started. I would probably also get into the Forum and learn the ropes – my time spent there has been invaluable for helping me grow as a writer.

SK: Do you use any social media tools to promote your content? If so, which ones?

TW: Because I’m a creature of habit, I don’t get adventurous about too many things. I use Facebook a great deal and Twitter – I know of several other avenues but I haven’t tapped in to them yet.

SK: Are you on Twitter? Tell us where!

TW: Yep – @tamaralwaters

SK: What’s your all-time favorite book? Favorite movie?

TW: There are too many books to choose from but one of my favorites is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and my favorite all-time movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark (I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I was 10).

SK: Do you see yourself publishing with AC for the long-term? Why?

TW: Yes – I already have an established portfolio of work here and an investment of time and energy and I will continue to nurture that.

SK: Do you publish on your own blog?

TW: – although I have been behind in updating it. I really should do that. . .

SK: Your top three content categories to publish in are?

TW: Home Improvement, Humor, Lifestyle

SK: If there was one thing you could change about AC, what would it be?

TW: Communication between staff/administration and Contributors

SK: What is your publishing goal for 2010?

TW: Just keep publishing. I am working on a novel when I have time and I would love to see myself actually finish it within the next six months.

SK: Approximately how many hours per week do you spend writing and publishing AC articles?

TW: AC only? Depending upon the week I would say an average of 10 or more hours. When I have a really busy week with a number of assignments and other articles it’s more.

SK: Who are the five Contributors you think we should all be keeping an eye on?

TW: Oh that’s tough! I read so much from so many great Contributors. It’s hard to pick five – I have my personal favorites that I like to read no matter what they write because I like them personally. I enjoy reading Randy Barefoot’s work because he always makes me laugh and think and Linda Louise Johnson makes me laugh also. I get a kick out of Gabriel Gadfly’s zombie articles because, well, I am a zombie freak myself. I like to read the poetry that David Reinstein writes and well that’s four – I just have to stop there.

SK: Any final words of wisdom for AC Contributors at all Clout levels?

TW: Ask for help when you’re not sure and never take anything personally. I have had to learn not to take criticism as a personal hit. Just because someone doesn’t like the way I’ve written something or suggests I could do it better doesn’t mean they are saying I’m a bad person.

Be willing to learn and adapt your writing style to meet changing trends and different venues. A fellow Contributor suggested I write some things with less first person and more third person – I told him I couldn’t do it – that just wasn’t my style. After I thought about it I decided to give it a try and now I feel comfortable writing in third person (even though it’s not my favorite). Part of being a writer is the ability to adapt and go with the flow.

  1. Tammy’s awesome and I love her words of wisdom. Writing is definitely about learning and growing.

  2. Excellent interview of one of AC’s stars, Tamara Waters. Insightful and interesting.

  3. Happy to see that Tamara has been chosen as an AC Rockstar! Interesting interview about an awesome contributor.

  4. Great interview. Thank you both.

  5. Great interview! No zombie picture?? (=

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