Meet AC Rockstar Mary Kirkland

In Interviews on December 12, 2009 at 11:50 pm

When she’s not writing about pets, parenting and scrapbooking, you might catch Mary Kirkland watching a horror movie or working on a craft project. This AC Rockstar has been publishing with Associated Content since December 2006.

I managed to catch up with her to find out what she’s tweeting about, why she enjoys publishing on AC, and a few pointers for being successful on AC in the long-term.

Here’s the scoop…

SK: How long did it take you to become an AC addict?

MK: As soon as my first and then second article was published, I knew I was addicted. I knew from the time I was little that I wanted to write. I wasn’t sure what type of writing I really wanted to do until my first article was accepted. The rush you get when you realize you are actually getting paid to write and people are reading what you write and leaving good comments because they like what they are reading, becomes very addictive.

SK: Why have you stuck with AC for so long?

MK: I’ve heard about other sites where I can write and get paid for my articles but this is the site that I like and feel comfortable publishing my articles with. I can work at my own pace and I really like the interaction with the other Authors on the site. Most people are very receptive to questions, and are willing to help other authors with problems they might have.

SK: Out of all of the topics you write about, how do you decide which ones to develop or focus on in any given month?

MK: I tend to write about things that I know about. I write about small exotic animals ie…hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice ect. I always keep a notebook with me and when I get an idea I write it down. If I see something while watching a television show that I think would be a good article, I write a note to myself. So whatever I happen to want to write about at any given moment is what gets written

SK: If you could start your AC writing career over again, what is the one thing you would do differently?

MK: I would definitely have taken more time to learn about writing for the web and how it differs from other styles of writing. After getting that first article published I figured I knew everything I needed to know. I thought, “Hey, I got published. I must be doing something right.” After a while though, it became apparent there was alot more to learn.

SK: Do you use any social media tools to promote your content? If so, which ones?

MK: Yes, I use MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, OpenDiary, Facebook.

SK: Are you on Twitter? Tell us where!

MK: Yes, My name on there is @Scarymary66

SK: What’s your all-time favorite book? Favorite movie?

MK: I love both Romance and Horror books, but I have to say my all time favorite book is Once in Paris By Diana Palmer. No one does this type of romance they way she does.

I watch Horror movies all the time because they are the genre of movies that I love. I am a total horror junkie. Picking just one movie is hard, let me think, hmmm. I would have to say that “Fright Night” is still my all time favorite movie.

Vampires are my favorite monster out of all the monsters in the horror movies and Chris Sarandon makes one sexy vampire in that movie.

SK: Do you see yourself publishing with AC for the long-term? Why?

MK: Yes, I do. I don’t publish alot of articles each month but I am having alot of fun writing articles when I feel something needs to be written about. I love reading what others write on some of the same subjects I write about. I also like reading about other topics, some of which I never would have read about without AC.

SK: Do you publish on your own blog?

MK: I have a link to my articles auto-published to my blog. But other than that I don’t do alot of writing, article wise on my blog. My blog is mostly for fun and I post alot of fun pictures. But here’s the link.

SK: Your top three content categories to publish in are?:

MK: Pets, Parenting and Alternative Medicine

SK: If there was one thing you could change about AC, what would it be?

MK: The one thing I would definitely change is how hard it is to change a photo once it’s been uploaded to an article. Right now the only way to change, or get rid of the photo if you don’t like how it looks once it’s been uploaded is to delete the whole article and start all over again. Thankfully I always use word, so my article is always saved on my computer just in case I have to do any deleting and stating over.

SK: What is your publishing goal for 2010?

MK: I’ve been at Clout 9 for some time. I would really like to make it to the top and get to Clout 10. I will have to buckle down and get some articles out for that to happen though.

SK: Approximately how many hours per week do you spend writing and publishing AC articles?

MK: Like I said before, I don’t regularly publish articles. Right now I have more than 100 articles published and I tend to publish between 1-2 articles per month. It usually takes me about two days to write an article, read it, make corrections, re-read it and then publish it.

SK: Who are the five Contributors you think we should all be keeping an eye on…

MK: This is hard, there are so many wonderful contributors on AC, but if I had to pick just five they would be.

Jenna Hansen

Mike Hatz

Amy Mullen

Jessie Penn

Ashley Hargrove

Each of these contributors has something unique to bring to AC and so far I have really enjoyed reading their articles.

SK: Any final words of wisdom for AC Contributors at all Clout levels?

MK: Keep a notebook with you at all times, you never know when you will see, hear or read something that will inspire you to write an article. You may think you will be able to remember all the little details running around in your head at that time, but six hours later. You will be asking youself, “What was it I wanted to write about?”

  1. I’m all for keeping a notebook on hand, as Mary suggests. Super interview!

  2. I keep a small notebook with me also to jot down article ideas.

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