Weekly Roundup: Holiday Decorating Tips

In Weekly Roundup on November 28, 2009 at 2:12 am

Now that Turkey Day is behind us, Christmas and Hannukah celebrations may be spurring some holiday decorating. Need some help? Here are some great tips for holiday decorating from AC Contributors:

Paper Strip Ornaments, Christmas Decorations and Much More by Emma S.

Twelve Tips for Holiday Decorating in a Hurry by Vonda Sines

Tips for Decorating Your Mantle for the Holidays by Tamra Norman

Outdoor Christmas Decorations from the Best of AC by Jennifer Moore

How to Decorate Your Mailbox for the Holiday Season by C. Jeanne Heida

10 Tips for Decorating Your Yard for the Holiday Season by Josh Tuliano

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Using a Red and Gold Theme by Jane Ganley

Best Snowflake Christmas Lights 2009 by Pam Parent

How to Make Table Centerpieces with Fruits and Candles by Happy Helper

And of course, you’ll need to eat while you work to put up those holiday lights. Enjoy some of these holiday treats while decorating, courtesy of AC Contributor Stacy Zeiger.


  1. Nice roundup of holiday decorating tips!

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