Meet the AC New York Staff!

In News on October 30, 2009 at 1:28 pm

So here they are (drum roll, please), the team that heads up Associated Content in New York City, plus a few infobytes about some of their roles and history with AC.


AC NYC 2009 017

Left to Right: Heather Sangria, Brenna Boyce , Jenny Depper, Darnell Witt (Community Team), Me!, Mike Cohen (CFO), Craig Abruzzo (General Counsel), Jon S. (Director of  Product), Robin Wilson, Andrew Snyder, Melissa Metzger, Emily Genende and Adrienne McCallister (Revenue & Ad Sales Team)

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Patrick (not pictured): AC’s CEO of 8 months, Patrick Keane is dedicated to leveraging the latest technologies to create a better Contributor experience and online publishing system. Patrick’s primary goals are to provide better tools for Contributors, create a segment of authoritative niche experts across the major categories, build strong partnerships with other companies and of course, keep AC thriving in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Mike: As the Chief Financial Officer of Associated Content, Mike’s the guy who makes sure all of AC’s trains are running in the right direction and arriving on time. He’s also responsible for determining Contributor compensation plans and rolling out new incentives. He’s been with Associated Content for two years, and previously worked at ESPN in the field of business/strategy and planning.

Craig: As AC’s in-house lawyer, Craig negotiates partnerships, fights fraudsters and keeps AC’s legal policies on track. He’s been with AC for 3 ½ years, and is currently working out AC’s policies regarding the new FTC guidelines, as well as amendments to the FAQ section. Stay tuned for another Happy Hour with AC Craig soon.

Jon: As AC’s new Director of Product, Jon works on AC’s design, user interface and functionality to improve the Contributor and visitor experience. His goal is to create a layout that encourages people to explore the site in more detail and stick around as long as possible. You’ll see his stamp in some new features and content themes that will be rolled out in the months ahead. Jon worked at Google for four years before joining the AC team.

And a few snapshots of the team members:

AC Brenna

AC Brenna hard at work…

AC Darnell

AC Darnell keeping it real…

AC NYC 2009 018

Me with AC’s Community Team

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  1. Great article! Nice to put a face with a name. Such a committed group of technical, legal and business wizards. AC is sure to get all the bells and whistles from this crowd.

  2. Thank you guys for all the work behind the scenes 🙂

  3. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Sabah! Thanks for coming to see us, and thanks for sharing the highlights of your visit with the rest of the gang!

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