Summary of AC’s Social Media Happy Hour 9.15

In AC News on September 15, 2009 at 10:54 pm

AC Jelena and AC Darnell hosted the Social Media Happy Hour on AC tonight, and answered some of the pressing questions Contributors have about Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and spamming 101.

If you missed Happy Hour or want to catch up on the details, here’s a summary* of the session:

*note: some responses from AC Jelena have been paraphrased for easy reading

What’s the value of Twitter?
AC Jelena:
Building relationships, increasing the chances of your content going viral, and engaging in an active community.

What is your opinion on sharing links on Facebook?
AC Jelena: The top link-sharing website, but you need to engage with the community on a regular basis. Facebook is a ‘more personalized version of Twitter’ but it’s still important to engage regularly.

What is your opinion on sharing links on Social bookmarking sites?
AC Jelena: You don’t need to use your own profile, less personal. Social bookmarking sites are more about voting, What is your opinion on sharing links on sharing and engaging in the community.

What is your opinion on sharing links on MySpace?
AC Jelena: MySpace is one of the few social sites that still uses follow links that may provide some indexing benefits for articles

What is the line between networking and spamming?
AC Jelena: 4:1 ratio for sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
20:1 ratio for StumbleUpon

Check out the terms of use/networking guidelines for each site so you aren’t guilty of spamming.

Is there a difference in using AC-based sharing tools vs. manual submissions?
AC Jelena: There isn’t a difference in the tools, and the AC sharing tool will be modified in the near future.

Which third-party Twitter applications do you prefer?
AC Jelena: You don’t always need the bells and whistles of applications like HootSuite or Tweetdeck, but I prefer to update it directly from my browser.
(AC Darnell) uses Tweetdeck because he finds it easier to keep track of groups, RT and use various functions

What can you say about the value of Yahoo! Buzz?
AC Jelena: A lot of users on Yahoo! Buzz (and Mixx) are a mix of frustrated Digg users and they generally don’t cater to the young, tech-savvy user.

How important do you think it is to use the same pen name, avatar, etc. across different networks and social networking sites?
AC Jelena: If you’re not comfortable disclosing your real name, it’s important to maintain some level of consistency with the same username and/or profile information.

How much of your personal life should you post on social sites?
AC Jelena: The general rule of thumb is don’t post anything that might endanger yourself, or anything that you wouldn’t want posted on the wall of your house. (AC Jelena) personally wouldn’t post personal pictures of family, talk about my relationships, or provide personal identifying information.

Examples of social media best practices?
AC Jelena:

Qgyh2 is an active Reddit user who is very prolific and engages regularly in the community.

Twitter: Peter Schenkman who oversees the service is another good example. He talks a lot about himself, but he does not spam, does not post repeated links, and does not do  anything that would jeopardize his integrity. You can find him on Twitter at is a site that allows you to ask for sources for various subjects (may be helpful to some AC contributors)

Mr. Baby Man – poweruser of Digg who provides a valuable service to the Digg community, engages with the community regularly, and he’s also on Twitter (

Is the AC auto-posting valuable?
AC Jelena: It really depends on personal preference and how you want to share your links. If you think it’s going to be valuable for people in your network, then feel free to use it. It’s still important

What’s the best way to approach bloggers and avoid appearing too ‘spammy’?
AC Jelena:
1. Make sure that they can actually use your content
2. Have a pre-existing relationship with them whenever possible. It’s a good idea to follow the blogger and leave substantive comments related to their posts on a regular basis.
3. Larger blogs have submission forms set up for contacting them for promotional link exchanges. Don’t abuse their personal e-mails if they have forms set up for that purpose.

(Bottom line): Approach them succinctly, honestly, and without treating them as if they are somebody who is there to provide you with their service.  (Keep it friendly)

In every social media community, there are trolls. Could you define what a ‘troll’ is, and what should you do when a troll attacks you?
AC Jelena: A troll is that person who causes a stir just for the sake of causing a stir. They can pretend to be someone they’re not, will harass other users, and try and cause a raucous.

If you’re targeted by one of these people, it’s important to remember not to take it personally and if the harassment spills into your online life, you can contact law enforcement. Take a break and report the behavior to the moderator in a community.

What are your thoughts for busy article-writers who don’t have time to engage in social media communities?
AC Jelena: Don’t sacrifice your SEO efforts just to engage in social media sites. For busy writers, “if you have no additional time to dedicate to promoting content, you don’t have to get involved because it’s better not to do it wrong and risk getting banned on the site. You can focus on becoming a power user on one.”

Do articles that are SEO-friendly really benefit from social networking?
AC Jelena:
No it’s not always worth it because SEO-friendly articles will get you ranked higher on Google, but may not necessarily appeal to people engaging in social media sites.

You can find AC Jelena’s articles at and on Twitter at

Tonight’s session ended with the announcement of the AC Twitter Challenge Contest.
Prizes: Netbooks, $100 gift card to and a lap desk

The contest will involve RT’ing information about the contest, and taking a two-week challenge by becoming a more active user on Twitter and publishing an article on AC about your experience.

The official announcement will be posted on tomorrow a.m.

Good luck everyone, and thank you AC_Jelena and AC_Darnell for tonight’s event!

  1. Awesome recap! Thanks for doing this, Sabah!

  2. Thanks, Sabah! I couldn’t “make it to the meeting” so I really appreciate this! You’re the best! 🙂

  3. Totally ready for the AC Challenge! Thanks!

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