Who in the World is Kay Whittenhauer?

In Interviews on September 10, 2009 at 12:24 am

100_0214She’s a busy office administrator at a non-profit organization by day, a mom, a wife, and a dog owner who isn’t ashamed to share her love for her Beagle right here on AC.

Kay Whittenhauer is making waves on AC territory with her articles about holidays, crafts, parenting and health since April ’07 and this Rochester-based writer has earned the Top 1000 award.

I caught up with Kay to find out how she got started with AC, what she’s reading, and whose work she’s most inspired by:

SK: How did you get started with writing for AC?
KW: After graduating from college and not finding a job as a writer, I gave up on it. Fast forward to the year I turned 40: I thought, “How dumb to give up. Try again.” I’m glad I did.

SK: What inspired you to join?
KW: Mid-life crisis? No, change that to: following my dreams!

SK: Your favorite content category to browse at work is…
KW: Technology (at work). Lifestyle (at home).

SK: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or do you publish exclusively on AC?

KW: I also write for Demand Studios. I should be writing more, but with a day job and a family it’s hard to find time!

SK: Your most popular/most commented/newsworthy article?
KW: My most popular article is Spotting and Shaking the Emotionally Needy People in Your Life with 15K PV’s; followed by How To Make an Easy Crochet Chevron Afghan: Free Pattern! with 13K PV’s, and then a C4C: Announces Trendy Baby Names for 2009 with 10K PV’s. (Wince. I know, a lot of diversity- I haven’t quite found my writing niche yet.)

SK: Name one website you visit at least once per day:

KW: When I’m at work it’s our organization’s website- I maintain it. At home I mostly check my email and read AC. 🙂 PS- I Google just about everything!

SK: Three Contributors that have inspired you or whose work you enjoy reading regularly:
KW: Wow! Only three? I’m afraid of leaving people out, because I feel like I’ve become friends with so many AC’ers! But… some names that come to mind right away are: Charlotte Kuchinsky, Angel Vee, Greenhill, Cathy Montville, and Carol Bengle Gilbert. (Yeah, I know that’s 5. I’m no mathmetician! lol) They each have so much going on- family, other jobs, volunteering- and they never seem to lose their motivaton! Actually, I have tons of other favorites- but if I had to look for role models, I’d choose them because they’re so dedicated (and I tend to slack off on the writing).

SK: Your favorite form of caffeine?
KW: Coffee.

SK: A favorite hobby when you’re not writing for AC?
KW: Housework. Oh, wait, that’s not a hobby. 😉 When I have time, I enjoy crochet, gardening, reading, socializing, exercising, and trying new recipes.

SK: Your favorite article topics to write about are…
KW: Lifestyle: crafts, pets, parenting, food, relationships, etc. Also product reviews, gardening, and DIY home improvements. Most of my articles (except for the occassional “assignment desk” claim) mirror my every day life.

SK: One pearl of wisdom for any AC Contributor?

KW: Oh, geez. What can I say? Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.

SK: Your favorite quote about writing or otherwise:
KW: “A rising tide floats all boats.”

  1. Thanks Kay, YOU are the best!!!!! Thanks for the mention, I truly appreciate it!

  2. Kay, is one of my favorite writers. Her writing style makes for an easy read; very personable. Congrats on the spotlight, Kay. You deserve it!

  3. Thanks for another great interview, Sabah. Kay is a truly awesome person and AC Contributor! I’ve been a fan for quite some time.

  4. Kay has the best personality! She leaves awesome comments, too! Thank you, Kay, for the mention! I never thought of myself as a role model…I just don’t know when to stop! I appreciate you and I appreciate your wonderful work!

  5. I, too, think of housework as an (occasional) hobby 🙂 Loved the interview!

  6. Housework a hobby… get a life, girl : ). Seriously, count me in as one of your many fans. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out!

  7. Great interview! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Kay. Always interesting to “meet” our AC contributors. 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed reading the interview and seeing what inspired Kay to start writing for AC.

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