5 Reasons to Continue Publishing with AC

In Writing for AC on June 9, 2009 at 5:08 pm

There has been a lot of speculation and debates on the AC Forums lately about AC’s potential and page ranking ‘problems’ the site may be experiencing, but in spite of it all, I think it’s worth looking at all of the benefits of publishing with AC compared to other options online.

Whether you’re a newbie or have been with AC for years, here are just five reasons to keep on keeping on with Associated Content:

1. Associated Content is still one of the best publishing outlets online that pays upfront. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a site that pays on schedule for content that you choose to publish. When you need some extra cash, you can write about whatever you want and get paid for it. Sure you could make more if you published on your own blog, or sold your work to a magazine, but do you really have the time, skills and opportunities to do that?  Some writers on this site do, but the majority don’t.

AC’s system is efficient, easy to use, and really can be a reliable source of income.

2. You can improve your writing skills with each and every piece. Even if you don’t get the highest possible offer, or the highest ranking on Google for your article, you’ve gone through the writing process and are that much better than you were yesterday.

Keep at it, and you’ll only get better and better.

3. AC staff members are doing a pretty fine job with the tools and resources they have. Every company has its setbacks but things can change. Things can improve. We don’t have any idea what is going on behind the scenes, and speculation or excessive criticism downplays a lot of great things about this site,  and the hard work that the AC team has put into it.

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If you feel so strongly about fixing AC’s problems, send them your resume; they’re hiring for several positions that could be right up your alley.

4. You can use AC as a platform to learn web writing skills for a blog or other sites. Doing research, writing and publishing online is very different than writing for print. Learn from the tutorials, get used to the process, read the work of some of the prolific writers, and use that knowledge to get better at what you do. Then branch out elsewhere so you have a competitive edge in the online freelance writing or blogging markets.

5. Build up a stream of passive income. The monthly performance program is a great way to build up residual income each month. It may only be a few dollars or a few hundred dollars right now, but one year, three years or even five years from now, that’s still going to be extra cash in your pocket that you had to work to earn just a single time.

For those who will argue that their articles can’t be ‘found’ easily because of the indexing situation, consider this:  what makes you think all of your traffic comes from a keyword search on the search engines?

AC has restructured the site so that many articles are accessible from similar articles on the site, and they’ve started syndicating content to different online channels. Plus, other writers and readers who promote your work through Twitter and other social media tools are bringing in a stream of traffic.  Just remember that not all of your traffic is coming from the search engines, so you can still make a significant pageview bonus regardless of your article’s placement on a search engine.

The Bottom Line: If AC continues to grow at the pace it has these past few years, we have many great opportunities ahead. Associated Content is what it is; a publishing outlet and opportunity for writers of all skill levels.

They have been clear from the get-go on how they determine the payout for each article, what the submission criteria are, and what we, as contributors, can get out of publishing here. Nowhere in the agreement does it state that AC will guarantee top search engine placement, promote our work on our behalf, or even be the leader in the online publishing industry. That’s up to them, and it’s a plus for us as contributors when they do succeed in being the best.

The online publishing industry itself is getting more competitive, which means certain sites will naturally rank lower as more content on different topics makes its way onto the web. AC may or may not win the battle to maintain top search engine rankings, but that doesn’t mean its business model is flawed. It just means they will need a better content strategy to stay competitive.

For us as contributors, all we can do is do our part. Publish high quality work. Get paid. Move on to the next assignment or project.

Enjoy the process and make the most of this opportunity!

  1. You make a clear and concise case here. Helpful post!

  2. These are all good points. I’m definitely going to keep on keeping on!

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