Michy Interviews with Associated Content

In AC News on May 1, 2009 at 12:01 am

As many of you know, AC Source Michy (a.k.a. Michelle L. Devon), recently wrapped up a test on AC to find out how much a newbie could realistically earn in a month writing for Associated Content.  AC interviewed Michy and the entire interview can be viewed here.

Keep in mind that AC didn’t know who she was, because she was contributing under a ‘test’ name.

Here are some highlights of what she learned:

  • Four of her 51 articles did get featured on the front page
  • AC does require a significant time investment, and it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ strategy
  • It took an average of 15-25 minutes for Michy to produce a high-quality, approved article, which equates to approx. $9.10 per hour
  • A dedicated writer who worked full-time hours at this rate could realistically make about $1,500 per month, not including the Performance Payments
  • AC is a viable option for people looking for a steady part-time income
  • It’s important for newbies to learn as much as possible so they understand how the system works.  Michy says to “Read all the FAQS…and hit the AC forums to read, read and read.”
  • It’s important to know the market; successful writers understand what types of articles to write and which topics to choose – and this is usually a trial and error process.

Kudos to Michy for completing this month-long test and providing us with honest, objective feedback!


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