AC Announces Best New CP Awards for January 2009

In News on February 5, 2009 at 9:37 pm

The verdict is in!

January’s best new CPs are:

Brooke Lorren

She’s a formal naval officer and homeschool teacher who’s been busy writing about consumer issues, being frugal, and education.  Don’t miss Healthier Fast Food Menus for Families on the Go.

B.A. Rogers

This writer’s motto is “The whole world is fascinating.”  Indeed.  Be sure to check out Don’t Miss the Babies Eating Lemon Craze and Keep Your Butts Off Waikiki.

Coral Levang

She’s working on building a coaching and speaking business in 2009, but is also publishing a library of eclectic content on AC.  Don’t miss Time to Take My Head Out of the Sandbox and Finding Your Balance in Life.

Congratulations to all, and welcome to AC!

  1. Congrats to the winners! I’ve read Brooke’s work (and love it), but have not read anything from the others. I’ll have to check them out. 🙂

  2. Thanks to AC for the honor of this award, and to all of you who are reading and commenting on my material. I’m new to allowing others to be a part of what I write. Thank you for the support…and again, thank you for honoring me.

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