Question of the Week: What’s Your Writing Goal for February?

In Writing for AC on February 1, 2009 at 9:00 am

How many articles do you plan to write this month?  Have you set a goal, or are you waiting for the creative engines to kick in?

I’m a big supporter of mapping out my goals each week so I can visualize exactly what I want to accomplish.  This strategy helps me focus at the beginning of each day and turns the project into a priority task.

My February goal:  at least 35 articles (non-C4C or Partner Content)

How many are you going to publish this month?

Share your goal in the comments below!

  1. Just for AC or altogether?

    Lately, I’ve been doing 20-30 per day (not all AC). LOL I guess my goal for February could be to try to keep that up.

  2. I meant just for AC; setting specific goals really helped me when I first started out, especially when I wanted to write 8+ articles in one sitting.

    Non-AC articles and content are a given these days; that’s why I need to focus on a number for AC so I can keep up!

  3. Hmmm, just for AC, I think I should do at least one per day that isn’t a C4C or partner call.

  4. I always try for one a day. I might manage more, but at least one. That helps bring in the income I need :-).

  5. I plan on getting 35 in this month to AC and also working on getting something, anything published in a real print magazine!

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