Making the Most of the AC Community

In Writing for AC on August 10, 2008 at 6:00 am

The AC Community is a great place to share your ideas, pick up tips on writing for AC and promote your work.  If you’re not already active on the forums, you can head over to the ‘General Discussions’ and ‘The Workshop’ for some great insights and input from veteran CPs. 

Checking in with the AC Community at least once per week will keep you in touch with the latest news on AC, feedback from content managers and give you a chance to learn from other CPs. 

Here are some other ways to make the most of the AC Community:

  1. Introduce yourself!  If you’ve recently joined AC, don’t be shy about introducing yourself in the ‘Newbie’ section.   Get involved with the AC community with a positive start, and post some information about yourself.  Many CPs will post back for your official ‘AC Welcome!’
  2. Engage in constructive criticism.  Avoid getting caught in negativity on the forums, especially if you’re just starting out.  If you have some constructive criticism to share, feel free to post but be prepared for sometimes ‘too honest’ feedback on your work as well.  
  3. Tune in for Sam’s Happy Hour.
    Sam hosts weekly happy hours in the ‘General Discussions’ section so you can get your most important questions answered, or just chit-chat with the AC community at large.  This is a great way to get known, so don’t be shy about joining in when you can!
  4. Send your work over to The Workshop.  The best way to get better at writing for AC – or the web in general – is to practice and refine your skills.  Getting feedback in The Workshop can help you improve your writing style so you get better offers and generate more interest for your work.
  5. Subscribe to your favorite e-mail threads.  Subscribing to threads you post on makes it easier to keep up with any follow up posts or feedback, and can help you manage your time better.

Have tips of your own to share?  Post them below!


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