Who in the World is Luke Beatty?

In Who in the World? on August 4, 2008 at 6:00 am

luke-beattyBelieve it or not, there’s a real live person behind the online media giant we now know as Associated Content.

With a passion for building a marketplace of  quality web content, Luke Beatty has attracted a diverse community of writers, poets, and media gurus – a.k.a. Content Producers – to AC, allowing CPs to not only publish, but also profit from their work.

When he’s not busy reading the featured articles in the Health section or working out at the gym, Mr. Beatty is working hard to take AC to new heights.

Whether you’re a veteran CP or a newbie to the world of AC, here’s your chance to tip your hat to AC’s Founder and President:

SK: What inspired you to develop Associated Content? When did it officially launch?

LB: I wanted to invent an environment that did for content what eBay did for ecommerce. eBay leveled the ecommerce playing field by allowing every individual to participate.  I wanted to level the online media playing field by enabling the individual to contribute to the content economy.

We launched at the end of 2004.

SK: Did you always plan on growing AC to where it is today, or has this been a work in progress?

LB: Everything is a work in progress –  AC included!

SK: Your top three favorite content categories:

LB: Heath and Wellness, Op-ed and Local.

SK: How can CPs make the most of the ‘AC Experience?

LB: The CP’s who make the most out of their AC experience, take AC to other places on the web. Successful, engaged CPs do more than simply create content for AC.  They create content on AC THEN get involved in the promotion and sharing of their content throughout the web.  They use facebook, myspace, local press, digg, and endless other online utilities to distribute their content and use the content as the basis of important social interaction.

SK: Any changes CPs can look forward to within the next 3-6 months?

LB: More data about your content, more tools to create and promote and more opportunities for top CPs to become leaders.

SK: How many active CPs do you hope to have on board by the end of 2008?

LB: More than any other media company!

SK: What’s on the horizon for the AC community at large in 2009?

LB: I think one of the most exciting thing on the horizon is increased opportunity for motivated CPs to create content for our partners.  Every day, we build new relationships with other media companies and brands who want AC Content Producers to create content for them.  This is huge opportunity for our community.  Additional distribution for CPs!

SK: The Calls for Content program has caused quite a stir on the Community forum. What are your thoughts on this program? Will it continue to be a part of AC for the long-term?

LB: Absolutely.  The tool is essential in that it allows AC to convey our programming to the CPs.  Also, it allows us to convey partner needs and help those CPs who need ideas.  For many of our freelance folks, it is an essential element.

SK: Three things you couldn’t get through your day without:

LB: A workout.  A few minutes in the AC forum. Family.

SK: Your favorite form of caffeine?

LB: An Americano.  I have one every morning. In fact, you could add that as the fourth thing I couldn’t get through my day without.

SK: Any quote or wise words for CPs you would like to share:

LB: Something I’m trying to live by: “Don’t confuse routine with commitment.”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed learning more about the AC founder.

  2. Great interview. thanks for sharing this inside look at Luke Beatty.

  3. Thanks, this was most interesting to read. He looks like a nice man.

  4. If op-ed is one of Luke’s favorite subjects, seems AC needs to start paying for it on more than the occasional basis. This is an informative read; I liked the fact that it was forward looking.

  5. It is a pleasure to read this article. I’m very interested in everything AC and think it’s great that
    Mr Beatty participated in this interview. Sabah, your questions are direct and interesting. I enjoyed seeing that Mr Beatty still reads AC articles and reads the Forum. Very good work.

  6. Great interview, Sabah.

  7. Wow. Great interview it is so nice to meet LB and see his face. I am impressed.

  8. I still think he looks like Drew Carey

  9. It is so nice to put a name and a face with Associated Content! I’ve been a CP for 5 months now and I am really enjoying this entire experience! This is a wonderful interview and it is very nice to “meet” Luke Beatty!

  10. Another great interview. Definitely interesting to hear from AC’s founder. I like his thought process – very forward-thinking, which is a good thing for those of us who plan on being with AC for the long haul. 🙂

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