Who in the World is Jason Curran?

In Interviews on May 7, 2008 at 6:00 am

jason curranWe count on him to update our pageview counter, unveil the latest AC developments and bring us the most recent updates across AC channels.

Jason Curran has been with AC for over 3 years, a critical part of the web development team and a die-hard fan of all things AC.

I had a chance to squeeze in some Q&A time with this busy coder to find out what in the world Jason does at work, what the average CP can do to improve their content, and what he’s busy doing when he’s not stuck in the office:

S: How did you get started with AC?

J: I joined AC in Feb 2005. Previously I worked with one of the founders and when the site started to take shape they needed more help. As one of the first employees, it has been a great experience building the site, watching it grow into the current platform. We all have a lot of responsibilities, but my main focus is developing the platform and database.

S: What’s the best thing about working for AC?  Why?

J: The challenge of making AC the best place for people to contribute and share their experiences. We are developing a new way of publishing content and everyday I am truly challenged to make the site perform better.

S: Your favorite form of caffeine?

J: Coffee. Large with 3 sugars in the raw.

S: Your biggest pet peeve with the AC Community at large?

J: I have no pet peeve, I am thankful for there contribution and dedication. They provide a lot of great ideas and feedback that goes into the development of the site.

S: Three content categories you’re usually caught reading?

J: Poetry, because I am amazed how many poems that are submitted. Food, because I love eating and finding new recipes and reviews. And I search a lot, the amount of information within all the content is great.

S: Two websites or blogs you visit regularly, outside of AC

J:, because I am a huge Giants and baseball fan and, it is a great example of what an online community can create.
I am constantly searching for new sites and ideas, is a really cool site that is creating a new way of interacting with content.

S: Two must-have items on your desk at AC:

J: My MLB baseballs, music, a little wise man and a jar of Jolly Ranchers.

S: Three hobbies/interests that keep you occupied outside of the AC grind:

J: My kids, it is really fun to share your interests with them and watch them grow. Anything that involves the outdoors, snowboarding, surfing, fishing, camping, mountain-biking, golf, baseball, etc. Eating, I love trying new things, finding a new restaurant, and when I travel I am always planning something around food.

S: Are you a writer yourself?  If so, what style/type of writing do you do?  If not, what other writing-related interests do you have?

J: No, the only thing I can write is code. But I really enjoy a reading, I read the Wall Street Journal everyday, read Wired monthly, and of course

S: Your all-time favorite article?

J: I enjoy the content that has created controversy outside of AC, unfortunately they end up be removed.

S: Three things a CP can do to succeed with Associated Content

J: 1. Create content that is honest, accurate and means something to you. You will be surprised how many other people have similar interests and are actively looking for it on internet.

2. Create a lot of content, the more content you have on the site the more likely you will be found and enjoyed.

3. Tell others about your content on the site, get them to link to it, share it with others.

S: Your favorite quote?

J: “You do not walk off the island” In reference to Raul Mondesi, LA Dodger outfielder at the time, not being selective enough at that plate and striking out swinging to many times. I like it because it says a lot about taking chances and making an impact, a walk is nice but you are never going to hit a home run if you are not swinging for the fences. Aspire to do something great.

  1. Ah, a hot computer coder…:D

  2. “Create content that is honest, accurate and means something to you. You will be surprised how many other people have similar interests and are actively looking for it on internet,” is the best advice I’ve seen an AC’er give.

    I knew he would be a baseball fan. All good programmers are. I have season tickets to the local Double A if you ever need a road trip to no where, Jason.

  3. Great interview, thanks Sabah! I love seeing the people that work hard to make AC work so well. Jason rocks!

  4. Another great interview Sabah. It’s always interesting to learn about the AC staff. I agree with theBarefoot that the advice Jason gave was excellent. 🙂

  5. Great interview. It is always cool to see the faces behind the names

  6. When can we expect some more interviews? I really enjoy these.

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