Weekly Roundup – Cashing in That Stimulus Check

In Weekly Roundup on May 5, 2008 at 6:00 am

The web is all abuzz with tips on using  that stimulus check on its way for most of us.  Have you made plans for a shopping spree?  Ready to pay off those high-interest credit cards?  Or are you just going to save it and rack up a few dollars of interest this year?

Here’s what CP’s think about this year’s gift from the IRS:

yapbuzz makes it easy to calculate when you’ll actually get your gift with Stimulus Checks Deposited Overnight.

If you’re a struggling content writer like Chadd De Las Casas, you’ll need to read this article on How the Economic Stimulus Plan Could Help Struggling Writers.

Modern Impressionist debates whether the stimulus package is really valuable with Stimulus Package Including Tax Rebate Checks – Too Little, Too Late?

Robbrian joins the critical crew with Stimulus Package – A Deception

If you want to get more bang from your buck, read Shawn Zapalac’s tips on How to Make Money Off the Tax Rebate.

Play it smart and avoid the temptation of the spending spree with decker’s tips:  Rebates Will Be Coming – A Few Tips to Spend Wisely.

Look on the brighter side of the tax rebate debate with JMichol’s article The Proposed Economic Stimulus Package Will Help My Family.


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