Who in the World is Amy Brantley?

In Interviews on March 18, 2008 at 7:00 am

You may have caught this writing whiz in the Food and Wine section of AC, and she’s busy cooking up an article or two (or a hundred) on today’s most popular foods, brands, and foodie news. Amy Brantley has become famous for her food reviews and unique perspective on the life of a foodie, and continues to draw hundreds of readers each month with fresh articles and creative ideas.

She can be found cooking, baking, entertaining, watching the Food Network, and of course writing for AC on any given day…I managed to catch up with Amy for a brief Q&A, and learn who in the world Amy Brantley really is:

S: What first got you interested in writing for AC?

A: When I first found AC, I was looking for a work-at-home job. I thought AC would be a way to earn some extra income, but had no idea that it would be paying all my bills in just a few shorts months.

S: Your favorite content category to browse at work?

A: Food & Wine

S: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or are you an ‘AC lifer’?

A: I’ve written for a few paid-to-review sites, but most of my work has come through AC. My work can be found on other sites, because I’ve done several C4Cs for AC.

S: What is your most popular article, and your inspiration for writing it?

A: My most popular article was actually written in February of 2006. It was entitled, “The Biggest Harry Potter Spoilers of All Time”. It contained spoilers from the first 6 books. It didn’t capture a lot of attention at first. But, in July of 2006, when the last book was released, the article was on the first page of Google. It brought in 60,000 hits in just a few weeks. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and mostly wrote the article because it was a fun topic.

S: Another CP’s article that has really inspired you?

A: This is going to sound funny, but Pam Gaulin wrote an article shortly after I had written “Make a Living Writing for AC” called “Associated Content is Better Suited for Supplementing Income Than for Making an Actual Living”. After reading it, I felt even more compelled to continue earning a living from AC. Since then, Pam has become a writer I greatly admire.

S: Three CPs who you think deserve a mention and why.

A: This is a question I don’t feel comfortable answering. I read the work of so many CPs and there are several that deserve much more recognition than they get.

S: Name a website you visit at least once per day:

A: What can I say? I love to shop 🙂

S: One reason why everyone who’s anyone should read your work?

A: Truthfully, I am very hard on my writing and often wonder why people do read it. I’m my own worst critic, but I do try and teach my readers something so that they can truly take something away from my article.

S: Your favorite form of caffeine?

A: I don’t drink products with caffeine, but chocolate really gets me going 🙂

S: A favorite hobby when you’re not writing for AC.

A: Not on AC? I love to cook and bake.

S: One pearl of wisdom for any AC Content Producer?

A: Search the content that is currently available. If similar articles exist, skip over that topic. Unless you can put a unique spin on it.

S: Your favorite quote about writing or otherwise?

A: My favorite quote is “Only he who gives thanks for the little things receives the big things.”



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