Weekly Roundup: March Madness Continues…

In Weekly Roundup on March 17, 2008 at 6:00 am

Now that the winter defrosting is well underway, you may have jumped into the buzz of March Madness with sports channel surfing filling up your day.  From basketball to baseball tournaments, here’s what CPs are writing about this month:

Spruce up your MySpace page with March Madness MySpace Layouts from Pam Gaulin.

Get a head start on that fantasy baseball game with Fantasy Baseball Drafts, courtesy of wassup471.

Find out what’s in store in 2008 with A Year Without the Yankees from Bill Forant.

Heading to San Antonio for the Final Four game?  Make sure you check out Best San Antonio Hotels, courtesy of Christie.

Catch up on the latest NHL insights from AC’s Experts & Clowns Week 23 Tournament Talk from Nick Meyer.

Brush up on women’s football history with When Football Became a Woman’s Game, courtesy of SophisticatedWriter.

Skip the ‘conventional’ Spring sports altogether, and learn How to Arrange a Paintball Team, courtesy of Jerry.

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