Who in the World is Lolaness?

In Interviews on February 18, 2008 at 7:00 am

Ever since she snuck her way into the writing world at age 11, Lolaness has been working her way to the status of a respected author.

Her passion for writing fuels her work in the technical field, in business, and of course, on Associated Content. She’s determined to make her mark on the world with unique and engaging content, and is more than happy being labeled the ‘AC Cheerleader.’ I put down my pom poms so I could catch a Q&A session with this talented writer, and learn who in the world is Lolaness?

S: How did you get started with writing for AC?

L: Honestly, I can’t remember. In May, I will have been writing for AC for 4 years and wherever it was or how it was that I first found out about the company has been lost somewhere in those years. I do remember that I was terrified when submitting my first couple of articles, so unsure of what AC was looking for (back then, things weren’t as clear as they are now).

S: Your favorite content category to browse at work:

L: Such an unfair question because I work for myself, from home, and am actually much harder than myself than any “normal” boss would be. Browse during work? Not likely. My favorite content categories when I am browsing, though, are the Technology and Lifestyle categories.

S: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or are you an ‘AC lifer’?

L: Online, I only write for AC as a company. I perform a ton of freelance writing in the form of press releases and “technical” writing, but publication? Nope. Unless you want to count the fact that I operate 3 websites that are constantly updated with original content … but then I’ll start revealing just how obsessive I am. I’ve been called an “AC Cheerleader” – with really nasty connotations – but have decided since then that I can happily live with the title. AC life? Sure. The editors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with are amazing, and there is so much potential in the platform that I don’t plan on going anywhere else.

S: Your most popular/most commented/newsworthy article?

L: My technology pieces and the crochet patterns I’ve created are all up there in page views. If I had to guess, though, by watching the numbers I’d have to say that the current “most popular” would by my iPod Skin tutorial. Though I’ve yet to see anyone take Michael Street up on his challenge to create an AC themed iPod skin, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the numbers that article receives.

Most commented would have to be the interview I did with Geoff Reiss in July. That one, I just find amusing because of the wide variety of comments I continue to receive on it. There is no middle ground – people love it or they attack it. Either way, getting a reaction from my writing is fantastic.

S: Name one website you visit at least once per day:

L: Other than AC, which I honestly do visit every day, I visit Etsy. Often just to drool over the amazing creations of artists I aspire to.

S: One reason why everyone who’s anyone should read your work?

L: Um. Seriously? I can’t answer this question, because I’m totally unable to see myself or my writing that way. I want to help people. It’s always been my goal with every article I create. Beyond that …

S: Your favorite form of caffeine?

L: I am a total coffee addict. We’re talking 2 pots a day, every day. So much of an addict that I not only grind my own beans from blends I’ve made, but I have my own coffee plants (Arabica) and tenderly love on them in hopes of harvesting from them. Some day.

S: A favorite hobby when you’re not writing for AC?

L: Isn’t it funny how hobbies can turn into careers? My hobbies are simple to name: Photoshop, writing, and crafting. Not always in that order. And what do I do for a living? Photoshop, writing, and crafting. It’s surreal in some of the very best ways to me.

S: One pearl of wisdom for any AC Content Producer?

L: Always strive for more. In your writing, strive to become better than you were yesterday. Strive to become a producer of work that rightfully gains a following. Whether or not any of us ever achieve that goal (I won’t begin to say that I feel I have), it pushes us to perfect an art that we’ve decided to work with. Art isn’t always easy, and writing often takes more out of us than we’d ever expect. That’s when we know we’re getting close to something good.

S: Your favorite quote about writing or otherwise?

L: The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction. By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say. ~Mark Twain


  1. Great interview. Very inspiring. 🙂

  2. Coffee plants? Now THAT is impressive. great interview.

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