Weekly Roundup: Recover From Super Bowl Mayhem

In Weekly Roundup on February 4, 2008 at 8:00 am

Now that Superbowl mayhem is slowly subsiding, it may be time to re-organize the house, get your diet back on track, and just let off some steam.  Here are some tips from fellow CPs:

Take care of those post-bash meals with these essential ways to Organize Leftovers to Never Waste Food Again from Melanie S.

Get a head start on Spring cleaning with A Guide for Spring Cleaning from Dee Dee Smith.

You’re no longer glued to the tube for that Super Bowl commercial, but make sure you’re exercising good posture with these Tips for Staying Healthy At Your Computer from angel.

And if you still need some high-action entertainment to get you through the week, be sure to catch any of these Movies Opening Super Bowl Weekend from the News Team.

Super Bowl weekend may have pulled you away from the gym for a few days.   Tabata the Four Minute Workout will get you on the road of the super-buff with a few key exercises.

The breakfast of champions isn’t your only choice for good health; re-commit to your diet plan after all that Super Bowl food with a healthy start; Amy Brantley brings us  High-Fiber Breakfast Choices.

And if you’re all riled up from the outcome of the Super Bowl and are taking your anger to work, take heed of these ‘Sensible’ Ways to Relieve Stress at Work from Kate.


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