AC News: CPs Speak Up About Top 1000 Content Producer Award

In AC News on February 2, 2008 at 6:00 am

As the excitement subsides after AC’s 2007 PMA announcement, many CPs are still wondering how the Top 1000 Content Producer awards were calculated.

AC announed that “AC Top 1000 Content Producers will be determined by total content views generated in 2007” as the criteria for this award, but many are trying to determine if this was the only element involved in selection.

A few insights and thank-you speeches from award winners are popping up on AC:

The AC Top 1000 – What Criteria Was Used to Determine Winners? by Kim Linton evaluates this mystery in detail.

Gail Washington describes her reaction to the award in Top 1000 Performer.  Really? 

Saba, Ink. accepts her award and thanks AC for the recognition in On Becoming an AC Top 1000 Content Producer.

The forums on AC are abuzz with posts on rounding up the top 1000 award winners, along with requests to the CMs to reveal the criteria.

Will we every know?  Time will tell, and until then, this will be another Great Mystery of AC…

…right up there with the disappearance of the original AC Blog.

  1. I made a smal contribution to this controversy by writing this article: Top 1000 Content Producers: What Does the AC Community Thinks About It? URL:

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