Who in the World is Mike Street?

In Interviews on January 31, 2008 at 7:00 am

picture-5Day after day, he toils away on making the AC community a happy and friendly place – well, for the most part.

Mike Street is the Director of Community Development for AC in NYC, and encourages all of us to play nice on Associated Content by networking with other CPs, commenting on articles, and contributing great content.

When he’s not taming the lions on the AC Forums, you’ll probably catch him baking, spinning music, playing with his latest techie toys, or blogging on

I caught up with Mike recently – actually managed to stop him from hacking his iPod Touch just for a minute – so he would answer some Q&As, and we could all learn what in the world Mike Street does at AC:

S: How long have you been with AC, and how did you find the opportunity?

M: Well I have been with AC for almost a year and half now. I was a CP back in 2005 and really loved the business model. So being a web junkie myself having created the Broadband department of I felt that joining AC was the next natural step in my career as a web super hero.

S: How often do you read AC content just for fun?

M: Well being the Dir. Of Community Development for AC means that I read AC content daily, even on weekends. I often find myself using AC and a resource to find out about anything. I’ve learned how to cook, clean, decorate, and where to party by using AC. Also being in charge of the video content on AC means that I see EVERY video ever published on AC.

S: What’s your all-time favorite article published on AC?

M: Boy that’s a tough question. There was some great coverage on the Jena 6 on AC. Also there are some awesome first person testimonials from hurricane survivors. So I’m really into the socially conscious content on AC. I think the CP community has the power to change the world and make a difference with their words.

S: Describe the ideal Content Producer in four sentences or less:

M: I’ll do it in four words: Creative. Passionate. Savvy. and Search Engine Optimized. Ok that’s not four words but you get my point. LOL!

S: Name four qualities of a GREAT article:

M: Unique, Smart, Well-written, and viral! A lot of CP’s forget that people are always looking for information. If you apply some viral marketing techniques to your articles you can go a long way.

S: Besides running articles through the ‘Google checker’, what’s your favorite hobby?

M: Well in my normal life I’m a highly active blogger and a baker. I’m trying to get my cupcake business off the ground and I will be posting some cooking tutorials to AC later in 2008. StreetSweetNYC is the name of my baking business. I’ve been cooking since I was young and learn everything I know from my Grandma and Aunt.

S: Name a content category/topic you would rather not see on AC:

M: Hummm…I hate when CP’s use AC to post hate about other CP’s. Why can’t we all just get along?!!!

S: Your biggest pet peeve on content submissions?

M: Well for me doing the video que I totally get frustrated at clips that are 10 seconds.

S: Besides copyright infringement, what’s the biggest mistake a Content Producer can make?

M: Not making connections with other CP. All of the CP’s that have written articles on how to use AC or that post in the forums on a regular basis should be your best friends. These are often the top performers on the site and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. Take full usage of their knowledge.

S: Your dream location for AC Headquarters is ____?

M: I would love to work virtually from anywhere in the world. So I think the AC office should fully move into Second Life or some other 3D world. Think of how much we would save on office space. LOL! But if that can’t happen then I would move the office to Miami. Content in the sun!

S: Your favorite form of caffeine?

M: I hate coffee! I’m all about Jamba Juice.

S: The most important item on your desk?

M: My iPod Touch and my AC Content Producer Pen.

S: The content category you read most frequently?

M: Arts and Entertainment of course. I’m a “gossip boy” at heart so I love see what’s going on in the arts and entertainment world.

S: One CP/article that really made you go ‘hmmm’…

M: Hey I can’t play favorites I love all the CP’s and all the content!

S: One pearl of wisdom for both new and veteran CPs in 2008?

M: Again participate in the community. Talk and post conversations in the forums. E-mail some of the writers on AC that you like the most. Post comments on articles. Get to know the power CP players on AC.

S: Two of the best ways a CP can get themselves involved with the AC Community?

M: Comments and the Forums and write content that inspires conversations.

  1. Great interview. Very interesting!

  2. I loved this interview! My only concern is whether Mike is still in this position since we have recently been introduced to Lisa?

  3. Loved the interview. It’s about time that we got to know the famous Mike Street.

  4. Very nice interview. It is great to learn more about Mike Street. Thanks.

  5. I just stumbled upon this site and am thrilled to learn more about AC and the powers that be. It’s nice to put a face to the mysterious Mike. Great interview!

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