Weekly Roundup: Taking Care of Business

In Weekly Roundup on January 30, 2008 at 7:00 am

With tax season right around the corner, it may be high time to save those hard-earned dollars, cash in on some great deals, and straighten out those finances for good.  Here are a few suggestions from fellow CPs:

Start by saving time and let out that Scream If You Hate Mail in Rebates, courtesy of Stephen Joltin.

Need some extra money?  Dig up those old Rice Krisipies and find out why Old Cereal Boxes Can Be Worth Big Money, courtesy of LoonCreative.

Or, sell some stuff!  Judy-N brings offers some helpful tips with Garage Sales 101.

Are the Fed Cuts Interest Rates; Too Little, Too High?  Read up on the details provided by Bob Z.

Opher Ganel shares A Little-Known Way to Cut Your Income Taxes with this helpful article.

If you need to brush up on promoting your work online, read up on How to Market Your Online Articles, courtesy of Angie Papple.

And when that money-making work day is stressing you out, take a sip of this Digital Martini, courtesy of CougarMutt.


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