Who in the World is Jaleh Donaldson?

In Interviews on January 15, 2008 at 7:00 am

jaleh donaldsonA public school teacher by day and a prolific writer by night, this CP is making waves on Associated Content with over 400 articles on marriage, relationships, lifestyle and travel. Jaleh Donaldson is a Utah native but has spent most of her life in Sacramento, CA. She’s sharing her love of knowledge through teaching and writing, and keeps up with the AC community with her writing tips and strategies for making an extra income.

Whether your marriage is on the rocks or you need some tips for mystery shopping, you’re sure to find some guidance from this CP’s articles. I caught up with this busy teacher for a few quick Q&As to learn who in the world Jaleh Donaldson (Jal) really is:

S: How did you get started with writing for AC?

J: I was looking for a website that would pay me to write. I enjoy writing and I thought why not make some money at the same time.

S: Your favorite content category to browse at work:

J: There are so many wonderful categories on Associated Content to browse. One of my most favorite categories is the humor section. I love having breakfast with a few good laughs it helps set the mood for the rest of my day.

S: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or are you an ‘AC lifer’?

J: Currently I only write for AC. I love the friendships I have developed on AC and the monetary opportunities that come with the company.

S: Your most popular/most commented/newsworthy article?

J: I have written well over 400 hundred articles for AC so I do have many popular and commented articles. Some of the most viewed have been ones I wrote when I first started with AC such as How I Made Over a $1,000 Dollars on AC, How to Put the Sizzle Back in Your Marriage, Tips on Throwing a 50th Birthday Party and Signs a Man Really Loves You

S: Name one website you visit at least once per day:

J: I view Associated Content at least once a day if not more. I love reading emails that are sent to me and I enjoy reading others articles.

S: One reason why everyone who’s anyone should read your work?

J: When I am brainstorming a topic I always think about how my work can help someone in some way. I would say I have at least one article if not more that can benefit a reader.

S: Your favorite form of caffeine?

J: I have a variety of things in my life that give me energy and keep me happy. Some of those things are my family, traveling, writing and working as a Mystery Shopper.

S: A favorite hobby when you’re not writing for AC?

J: My favorite hobby is Mystery Shopping. I have been able to make good money Mystery Shopping retail stores, restaurants, banks, apartments and many other types of businesses. This is a wonderful way for my husband and I to get a date night at a fine dining restaurant. If your interested I have written a article called, How to Maximize Your Income from Mystery Shopping which can help you get started

S: One pearl of wisdom for any AC Content Producer?

J: Write about what you are passionate about and you will be successful at attracting readers.

S: Your favorite quote about writing or otherwise?

J: My favorite quote is by Andre Gide who said, “Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason.”


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