AC Nuggets: Countdown to the 2007 PMA Awards Announcement

In AC News, AC Nuggets on January 11, 2008 at 7:00 am

If you’re not already checking the AC forum pages daily for the latest updates on the 2007 PMA Awards, now is the time to make your predictions for this year’s winner.

AC will be announcing the winner ‘sometime in January’ but as of this post, nobody (except maybe the winners already selected and busy signing affidavits?) knows who or what was won…

If you’ve been living in a distant land far from AC territory and have no idea what the fuss is about, here’s the official announcement on the forums, courtesy of Mike Street:

‘Best of AC’ 2007*

Three text winner $1,000 (each)

Video $1,000

Audio $1,000

Slideshow $1,000

Best Content Producer of 2007* $2,000

Top Performing Content of 2007:

Text (article, editorial or other written work) $1,000

Rich media (video, audio, or slideshow) $1,000

AC Top 1000 of 2007* Recognition

*As determined by AC staff and community input AC Top 1000 Content Producers will be determined by total content views generated in 2007.

Check back weekly for a list of the current top-performing content.

Make sure your voice is heard through December 31st, suggest your Best of AC picks in the forum.

Awards will be announced in January, 2008. Content must have been published in 2007 to qualify. Winners will be notified in mid January, and will need to sign an affidavits of eligibility before accepting their awards.

Many CPs shared their views on the forum when AC opened up nominations to the crowds. With over 35 pages of entries, it’s clear that CPs on Associated Content had a lot to share.

Timothy Sexton, the 2006 winner of the Top Content Producer Award has even written up a preview for this year, along with his insights and experience serving as the inaugural winner.

I’ve written up my top picks with Eight Content Producers that Deserve the 2007 AC People’s Media Award; feel free to share your thoughts and comments here, or on the article comment section.

So now the only thing left to do is wait for the final announcement, send some positive thoughts over to your favorite nominee, and maybe start a prediction pool while you’re at it?

My crystal ball tells me theBarefoot and Pam Gaulin are contenders for the top spot this year…


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