Who in the World is Tina Samuels?

In Interviews on January 3, 2008 at 6:00 am

tina samuelsShe’s been freelancing for over 15 years, and has helped many-an AC reader learn the ins and outs of gardening like a pro. If you haven’t gotten a green thumb from reading Tina Samuel’s articles, you might turn to her book A Georgia Native Plant Guide for a few more tips.

When she’s not digging up fresh ideas for AC articles, this CP can be found waging war on the enemy with a game of World of Warcraft. I headed out to the field to learn who in the world Tina Samuels really is:

S: How did you get started with writing for AC?

T: Back in 2005 I stumbled across a link to places that were accepting content. I signed up because I was only doing a few columns and sites back then. They were paying very well, near $20 per article, so it was a nice side gig. It’s much harder there now.

S: Your favorite content category to browse at work:

T: I really like the humor sections,

as my favorite new writer Ben Hirsch was writing in that category. I also make sure to read anything Adam Delisle has done.

S: Do you write for other online sites or publications, or are you an ‘AC lifer’?

T: I’m writing for Demand Studios, and I’ve applications out for two fulltime blogging sites. Currently I’m developing higher paying and less time consuming clients and will be putting in less time at AC.

S: Your most popular/most commented/newsworthy article?

T: World of Warcraft Myspace Layouts has received 40k hits. It’s my article with the highest page views as of late.

S: Name one website you visit at least once per day:

T: Deb Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs

S: One reason why everyone who’s anyone should read your work?

T: I’m eclectic. I’ve articles on gardening, the plague, online video games, phone sex, and more. There’s really something for everyone.

S: Your favorite form of caffeine?

T: Sweet southern iced tea by the bucket load.

S: A favorite hobby when you’re not writing for AC?

T: My favorite hobby is World of Warcraft. If I’m not writing (which I tend to be doing for about 12 hours or so a day) I’m there.

S: One pearl of wisdom for any AC Content Producer?

T: Remember that all content is worth something, only you can determine how little you feel it is worth. Never write for free.

S: Your favorite quote about writing or otherwise?

T: “Keep writing. Keep doing it and doing it. Even in the moments when it’s so hurtful to think about writing.”

Heather Armstrong, Keynote Speech, SXSW 2006


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