AC Weekly Roundup: New Year’s Resolutions 101

In Weekly Roundup on January 1, 2008 at 10:00 am

Happy New Year! Kick the hangover, clean up the place, and write up those New Year’s resolutions with a few tips.

Here are eight interesting reads to help you along:

Build back your savings after the holiday shopping spree with New Years Resolutions for Your Personal Finances, courtesy of handlingthetruth.

Write up that resolutions list, then check it twice, with New Year Resolutions that Everyone Can Keep, courtesy of Sunshine Red.

Get motivated to keep every resolution with Why We break New Year’s Resolutions and How to Fix Them, courtesy of Paul Bright.

If you’d rather not share where you ended up partying this weekend, learn How to Hide Your Hangover like a pro, courtesy of Michy Devon.

When you finally do make it to the gym, be sure to follow the rules of Gym Etiquette, courtesy of Jillita Horton.

Spruce up the place and ring in the New Year with a natural touch; here’s How to Make Fresh Flower Arrangements Last Longer, courtesy of J.E. Davidson.

Need to freshen up the living room after holiday revelries? Learn how to Clean the Air with Plants, courtesy of Karama Neal.

Renew your commitment for getting organized with a few Tips to Get Organized: Home Organization and Decluttering, courtesy of Bailey Landon.


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