AC Nuggets: Online Promotion 411

In AC Nuggets, Writing for AC on December 27, 2007 at 7:59 pm

Promoting your content online is one of the best ways to make each and every article that much more profitable. You write, you publish, and then your work starts to earn residual income all by itself.

For some people, promoting online is a cinch; they’re connected to a myriad of social networks, are MySpace gurus, and can quickly rake up those pageview numbers after just a few clicks. For others, the whole process can be overwhelming and might seem as though it’s not worth the trouble.

It is.

No matter what type of offer you received from the AC editor du jour, you can bump up your revenue by generating as many pageviews as possible, and even though it will take some time, the extra hour or so each week can really pay off.

When you’re looking for ways to increase page views, build up subscribers, or just make a few friends with your must-read content, here are some tips for online promotion:

1. Don’t spam friends and family. Most will get pretty tired of your assortment of articles in their e-mail inbox, so just ask them to become a subscriber if they truly do enjoy your work. Encourage them to use the ‘E-mail this’ feature so they can help spread your message with little prompting.

2. Skip the Digg. Digg is great for anyone who is a regular Digg user, but does very little if you’re an infrequent Digger and browse the site occasionally. Don’t waste time submitting your articles to Digg unless it’s technology-related, fresh news that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet, or you’ve been an active Digg user for over a year.

3. Tap into your blog readers. If you’re already running a blog with readers and subscribers, weave a few recently published articles into a new post. As long as it’s topic-relevant, you can start redirecting some of your traffic to your CP page.

4. Use your CP profile page as a signature in your e-mail. If you’re proud of the work you’ve published on AC, don’t be afraid to promote your link over e-mail. Anyone clicking through is free to browse and explore your great works, and their curiosity = clicks = pageviews.

5. Use Comment Power. Commenting on other articles is a great way to build up a reputation on AC and related blogs. Just use your link on any blogs that you post on so any visitors can click directly to your CP page. If you want to promote a specific article, use that link whenever you post on a related topic.

Need more? Here are some marketing and promotion ideas from fellow CPs:

Bartleby offers this step-by-step guide to Promote Your Content Online.

Donna Porter suggests you build a blog and start creating a browseable library of your content. Check out 5-Minutes to More Page Views for a few tips.

Learn the art of sharing with a quick video primer on How to Use the ‘Share on MySpace’ Tab so you can start building your social network in a few clicks – courtesy of Summer Banks.


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