AC Weekly Roundup: Make Like a Polar Bear and Get Your Winter Workout

In Weekly Roundup on December 26, 2007 at 8:00 am

Eight great reads as you trek along the AC frontier:

Celebrate winter with your official membership to the Polar Bear Club.  Gregoriancant helps us understand Winter Swimming:  The Often Overlooked Benefits Health Benefits

Get a headstart on winter weight loss with an outdoor sport.  Sharkbytes explains why Snowshoeing Can Burn More Calories Than Skiing.

When you’re stuck at home on a snow day, it’s time to pull out the toy box!  Madeline provides Seven Wintertime Uses for Summertime Things.

Heading out on a snowmobile adventure?  Make sure you’ve read up on the basics with  Carl Benjamin’s Snowmobile Safety Tips and Checklist.

Skip the cold and dreary days of winter with a Hawaii vacation.  Amber Seber shows us The Cheapest Way to Take a Hawaiian Vacation.

Plan a vacation…or not.  marindavid offers some valuable advice with Vacation Planning: If and Where to Go, and What ‘Vacation’ Means.

Be safe this winter with a plan for storms and inclement weather.  Carol Bengle Gilbert shows us How to Prepare for a Blizzard & What to Do When It Hits.

Finish off holiday season on a positive note;  karen oregon offers some tips on Creative Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ After Christmas:  M&Ms, Videos, Cards and More

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